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  1. ClockWorkOrnge

    Germination for Hydro White Widow-Newbie

    Hey, new to this. I ordered some White Widow. I watched the video for the Crop King germination process and at the end it says to place in soil and not rock wool. However, I've heard it's bad to transfer from soil to hydro because of microbes etc. I have a deep water culture system. What are my...
  2. B

    Pine Chips as Grow Medium?

    Has anyone ever tried using Pine chips as a grow medium? If so did you have any major problems?
  3. B

    Types of growing medium

    Hi, I am getting ready to start my first grow. I've been looking at TONS of different items for sale to grow with... I want to keep things as simple as possible and was wondering..... I see so many different types of stuff people use to put their plants in: Won't pot just grow in plain old...
  4. B

    Needing real world advice for soil mix!!

    I have read several forum posts, articles, etc. on grow mediums and they are all very informative but I have had trouble getting the suggested soils or soil ingredients suggested. I live in the southeast and ideologies and laws regarding marijuana are behind the rest of the country and still...
  5. M

    A perlite alternative?

    Hey 420, I'm looking to start growing, and I've decided to go Hempy for my first grow. Now, I can't get a hold of Perlite where I live, but I did see something called Granulated calcium pellets, which looks a lot like Perlite, and according to the bag, is used for the same purposes. Can I...
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