grow problems

  1. Bgose

    My Gelato has problems

    The two plants are into 4th week of veg.. I noticed under the large fan leaves, the new growth was twisting and wilting. I removed some large leaves to allow more light. Not sure what the problem is.. I grow in soil using seaweed and Blue Plant nutrients.. The light is a ProGroTech ev700...
  2. T

    Need help for slow growth

    I would like to know your ideas and advice for my first indoor experience because i guess i have been missing some parts that's why the process going so slow; I have got ''Speed Seeds'' Lowryder # 2 x AK 47 Auto. I have started the light schedule with CFL and Led both in first two weeks, CFL...
  3. X

    Young plants in tough shape

    Hi all, New to the forum as well as growing, hoping somebody here can offer me some insight. On Feb 4th I started 3 fresh auto's from seed. Auto-Chemdog (not pictured) is doing very well, is a good size, has already shown its sex and has a nice aroma. The Auto-AK-47 (pictured below) is...
  4. J

    Please Help! Little Ones Are Not Doing Well!

    Hi Everybody! I have started my first grow indoors and it appears that my plants are not doing well (I have posted several pictures below). I started the grow on January 28 and at first they were doing great. Over the past week or some of the lower leaves are completely dying and the tips...
  5. D

    Possible Cal deficiency

    Hi all! I have possible Cal deficiency (possibly by over watering?). Can anyone confirm this? Pic is in Member Galleries tagged Grow Problem under my username. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Mcdankness

    Leaves turning purple near harvest?

    So, I am on about week 6 or so into the flowering stage for this little mamma (Blue Dream , Indica) and just recently I started noticing a strange purple growth on the fan leaves. Primarily, the fan leaves surrounding the highest cola is where it is most prominent. The "purple" begins to...
  7. J

    Help! Won't Grow

    These are a week apart and the bigger one is 2 weeks old. The smaller sprouted on the 31st of oct so its about a week old. It hasnt grown since wont even stretch and get spindly there is no growth at all!! they have no nutes of course. They are under fluorescent tube lights and all the other 13...
  8. B

    Snapped Stems

    I was trying to supercrop and I think I went too far (though based on videos I don't see how that's possible). I squeezed and twisted like suggested, but instead of just injuring the inside of the stems, the stems split and the chlorophyl, etc started oozing out. This happend with 3 or 4 of...
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