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grow room build help

  1. K

    Karm2020's Unknown Soil, Unknown Sativa, First Grow Journal 2019

    Hey all ! I got the opportunity to adopt some young sativa-looking plants from a friend. i know very little about growing. he said all the nutrients were in the soil already and it just needed to be in a tent. The tent in the pictures is a VERY last minute pvc pipe assembly with some reflectrix...
  2. Z

    new grower needs help with size of exhaust filter

    Hey guys thank you for viewing this if you did! I have a 6x4x 8 foot tall flower room i made out of 2x2s and panda film plastic. this is connected to my 4x4x8 veg room made the same. but this post is for the flower room in which I am running a 1000 watt hps 6 inch cool tube on a digital ballast...
  3. NewBoy420

    New Grow Room! In the making! 9ft x 11ft

    Hello friends so im building this new room that will be my grow room for a a bit until further notice. So happy so my ideas are to make a clone room on the right side. With the main flower room being the center room and the left side as a storage.. Im having a two 20 amp breakers just for that...
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