grow room consultation

  1. M

    Grow Room Setup

    Hello, I have zero experience growing MMJ and I would like to ask for advice about what I have so far. I haven't started to build my room yet, but below is the plan of what I'm thinking to do. This is a basement and I live in Rhode Island, so we get really cold winters and hot summer. I'm not...
  2. G

    Setting up my grow room Help please

    ok so heres the deal im setting up for my first indoor grow but i need a little help with lighting the area i have to work with is 4ft by 4ft and i plan on having 4 plants and the walls will be 2mil mylar. how much light will i need?? these are the lights im considering: 400 Watt Digital HPS...
  3. A

    My 1. Grow Need input !

    Hello ! Hi ! Im a 26 year old guy from Denmark ! :yummy: I found a new hobby and wanted to bring it to a bigger scale so heres what i got: Oh and everything is from (OMG BAD SERVICE) SilverBox Grow Tent 1,4 Mq - 120x120x200cm Easy Kit 600W HPS + Sonlight AGRO 600W (Reflector was...
  4. NastyAce05

    New To The Grow Game! 2'X6' Closet! 1st Grow!

    :tokin: Hey ya'll first time here, first project and first question or 2. :tokin: :yummy: So I got a closet thats 2'X6'x8' and wanted to know what type and how many plants I could grow in that limited space with a 600w HPS Lamp and what reflector I should use in a room that small??? :blunt: I...
  5. S

    ebb and gro water overflow

    Whats up ya'all! I recently started an Ebb and Gro 12 module system (using the 55 gallon res and control bucket) I continue to have water to leak between the solid bucket and the bucket with the holes. It only leaks between the buckets... At the point where the top bucket sit. What I...
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