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  1. Autohyponic

    Autohyponic's Mass Seed Production - Auto-Flower Time Machine

    Mass Seed Production - 4 Plant Seed Chamber - Auto-flower Time Machine I hope all is well out there is the :420: universe. I am here today to show you my latest creation/invention. I call it an auto-flower time machine because with this creation, I will be able to speed up the production of...
  2. P

    Grow Room Tips & Advice

    Hey All! First time poster here. I've been doing some research and have some questions I was hoping the experts could shed some light on (full pun intended). I'll give some background info first. I've been starting to plan my first grow (for personal use), and will be setting up indoors...
  3. J

    Blueprint help needed for a grow

    I have a 30' Deep by 60' long and 12' high shop. I have a 4 ton heating and AC unit that can be zoned also. I can grow 24 plants. 12 in veg and 12 in flower. Im looking at using the CC undercurrent system with spydr 1200 led. I would love any help on creating a blueprint for my shop. Thanks