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    Setup for heat problem - will it work?

    Hi i got a heat problem. Got 33c in my grow room and humidity at 44%. and i just did a setup and i dont know if it will work or not, but the setup is because i have already bought the items (part by part, when i had some cash). And i really dont wanna spend more ,unless its a most. Will this...
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    Lighting, pot size and grow space

    Yes! This is my first grow :) (indoor using soil) so any info is helpful- I just bought a 600 watt HID with a cooled hood and a digital dimmable ballast + timer. How many plants will I be able to grow?. How much grow space can a 600 watt cover?? My ceiling is only 8 feet What size should my...
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    Need help advice wanted

    i am looking to have a mother or 2 and about 40-50 clones on a 60 day cycle constant for around a year. the space i have to work with is a closet 7ft tall 5feet wide and 2ft deep do i have enough room to produce a profitable yield or am i just wasting my time? im looking for at least...
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    From Michigan a nice place to be from! Not

    to Live!! I st the name Metro Growth came about not for marijuana growing purposes. I came from an idea of working with others to support & help grow as a community bring back pride & prosperity by working together.420 Magazine ® The laws ie; I don't like politics, though Michigan is all...
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    urgent ventilation/condensation question

    i have a question regarding the placement of my valueline 6" 435cfm inline fan in an attic while the scrubber and ductwork is in the warm, humid grow room.....will the moisture accumulate within the fan? eventually ruining the fan or worse yet causing a short and fire?? will placing the fan in...
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    I need help with new room!

    Hi everyone. I will be starting my first real room soon and just had a few questions. I think I will have two rooms, one for veg and one for flower. If I wanted to do 6x6 for the flowering room would 3 600w hps be enough light? Hom many plants could I fit in a space that big? How big would I...
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