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  1. A

    For the pros: Cabinet grow room setup?

    Hey guys new to the scene. Im just about ready to start growing but want to make sure I'm on the right path. I'm growing in a cabinet about 1.5ft x 2.5ft x 6ft~ (Approx 450mm x 800mm) Growing autoflowers looking into sea of green growing method so hoping for 6 plants. 1st time grow so open to...
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    What will be my future veg room.
  3. Grow Bro

    Setting Up My New & Improved Grow Room Using A Gavita Pro 1000e DE light & Greenhouse Powder Feeding Nutrients With Tap Water: Plan To Grow 2

    Well as many of you my have heard that South African Weed laws fallen away! What a reason to start a new grow, indoors and outdoors because its spring and we can! I am away from home for a another 3 weeks then i can start on alterations buy raising my roof of grow room to get the required...
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    Officially the first day of week 5 I to the flowering period
  5. IMG_20180316_042354820.jpg


    Panorama view of room
  6. IMG_20180311_215516419.jpg


    Grow room building equipment
  7. Autohyponic

    Autohyponic's - DWC SOG Growing 50 Purple Express Auto Fem - 2017

    Hello everyone. I hope the grass is green on this Christmas day 2017. Currently I am on day 70 of my very first grow counting from the day I started germinating. I decided in the beginning if I was going to do this, I would do it the best way I could with the funds I had. My intent was not to...
  8. A

    Blueberry, Golden Goat, Qleaner & Blue Dream In Soil PRO MIX Sea Of Green #1

    :welcome: Welcome to my first journal. My setup might be a bit different than most but I find It works. CURRENTLY ADDING TO JOURNAL. My state Alaska - Legal Limit 3 babies and 3 adults per person 21 years of age or older in your home. My limit is 9 and 9. Made from clones bought in a store...
  9. Q

    Ventilation help

    Hi I have a 3 by 3 by 5 foot grow room and was wondering if a 100 cfm inline duct booster fan with a carbon filter rated for 200 cfms would be ok?
  10. Mariwannna

    Advice on autoflowers and photoperiods together

    I need some advice, por favor... I have five strains growing right now (34 days old) that I thought were all autoflowers (per Original Seed Store's website), but it turns out one of them is feminized photoperiod (Amnesia Molotov). They've all been growing under 2 300w LEDs with a 20/4 light...
  11. flytier

    Two Level Grow Room WIP

    Ok, so I guess I probably should have taken a "before" picture, but anyway... This is Stage 2 of my setup. Stage 1 consisted of this alcove with a small upper shelf, covered by a blanket. It's the part of the kitchen where the fridge used to be, but it now has a more practical application. It...
  12. 24kanthony

    New Room - First Grow

    About 10 years ago, I did grow as a caregiver for 5 months. The patient's setup was Mickey Mouse at best though. so, this is my first grow of my own. I designed and built the room my self. Located in a plumbing access closet in my basement. The whole system is hidden inside and out, except for...
  13. odinsmaster

    Converting a 6.5x 5.5 closet for my second grow

    This is going to lead to my second grow, my first was in a 5x5 grow tent. Had to run the tent in my spare bedroom, I had to give up the spare bedroom so now i am converting a closet. The closet is 6.5ft by 5.5ft with a 8ft ceiling. I will be buying a 6 in insulted fan, need it to be quit. I...
  14. B

    Lack of hydroponic stores in Massachusetts

    It took me months to piece together a grow tent online. I couldn't find one store in 50 miles that had a viable tent or room example. And everything was way overpriced. I'm thinking of opening a store front that just sells complete tent and room set up's. I imagine there's a lot of new grow your...
  15. J

    Which Option Is Best? 20x40 Grow Room!

    Whats up Guys,, First off Lets give a round of a applause to all the new states that made history tonight with the election!! So i just got a new warehouse 12,300 Square Feet. The City i am in requires that i follow state law which allows up to 72 plants Per Caregiver ( 12 plats Per Patient 6...
  16. closetcasecfl

    My perpetual grow room design - Sketchup

    Please let me know what you guys think. Constructive criticism welcome :thankyou:
  17. S

    Newbie in need of help

    sure if I should run a 400 watt system or 600. My only issue is venting the 600. I don't want to ruin my extra bedroom by cutting a hole for ventilation. Also I'm in search of a good reliable seed source. I'm looking for northern lights and white widow. I have a seed from some green crack that...
  18. premedgrow

    Using Roleadro COB?

    Hey there folks! Has anybody used Roleadro (formerly known as Galaxy Hydro) for their indoor grow room lighting? I've installed two of their COB Full Spectrum 400w 2nd Generation LED Grow Light with Innovated Chips Indoor and Greenhouse Light for Flowering and Growing. However, I haven't...
  19. premedgrow

    Pre-Med's 1st Grow - DWC - Multi-Strain Journal - Spring 2016

    Hello fellow marijuana enthusiasts and those simply intrigued by the topic! *This is the first time I have written a blog about a hobby of mine so please bare with me through this process!* Get to Know Me: Throughout this blog, I will be revealing some aspects of my life because I am a very...
  20. K

    My First Grow Room

    Today i was setting up my first grow room. i've been wanting to do this for a while now, and finally im doing it. My set up: 4 - 10gal Smartpot 3 - 20gal Smartpot 1 - 1000watt Ipower hps light 6 - Auto Great White Shark 1 - Auto hindu kush - Today was a clean up day and mixing the...
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