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  1. E

    New room setup need air flow advice

    Got a 20x20x8 room will be using. I have read that you need to replace the air every min. But I would need a 4,000 CFM fan in order to accomplish this. I am wanting to try the ac infinity cloud fans the largest is a 10" @ 1,000 CFM . Trying to keep things quiet as possible didn't want to have...
  2. S

    Greetings my 2nd home and family :)

    Sorry for bein' so dramatic, but I have a really good feeling actually stepping up after all these years of smoking, (and 3-4 times of growing), and making the decision to sign up to my favorite past-time forum. Well, simply because it's considered illegal in my country to cultivate. For...
  3. M

    Grow Room Setup Help

    Hello All! New here. So I recently decided to go on the journey of my first grow. However I am still in what I call the "research" phase as I would like be as knowledgeable as possible before I actually begin/attempt my first grow. So as for what I am sure about: Grow Space - Secret Jardin...
  4. Excited2start

    First Grow Box

    So a few months ago I started to turn a cabinet I had in my house into a grow box. The box on the inside is painted flat white and is 6 cubic feet of space. What I first did was choose the lights that I was going to use, since I was trying to save as much money as possible I went with CFLs. For...
  5. C

    First-timer silo setup suggestions needed

    Alright, within an unspecified period of time I'll have the opportunity to set up a grow in a silo. The silo dimensions are as follows: width: 15' in diameter. height: 15' to roofline roof is sloped at 30 degrees there is a hole at the top approx. 1' in diameter. The walls are...
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