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grow tent setup

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    Blueberry & Kush Skunk DWC Mother Grow!

    Hello everyone! New to the forum and this is my first grow journal I've posted online! Also I'm from Canada and BC if that holds any value here! Anyways I started these girls 3 weeks ago and I've been learning as I go but doing numerous amounts of research since this is my first DWC grow. I've...
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    New Guy

    He all, I am new to medicinal cannabis but not to cannabis in general lol. I recently acquired 4 600w hps lights with batwing style reflectors for 60 bucks off the local high school hahaha to commence my first medicinal grow...or grow under lights full stop... I am kicking off veg in...
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    4*600Watt in 240cm to 120cm grow tent - Help

    Hello, i have a 240cm to 120 cm grow tent and i want to build a setup inside, i need advices ( sorry for my english ) I was planing to use 4*600 watt lamps with using cooltubes, Heat would be a problem , how strong fan i must use ? ( i was thinking silent 760m3/h fan to cool them all )...