grow tent

  1. B

    Dry tent set up

    So I know this question may have been asked and asnwered a million times but none of what I seen is a concrete answer for me(newbie always trying to learn). So I'm about 3 weeks give or take a few days away from harvest and dont know how to exactly set up my grow tent as a dry tent. I know I'm...
  2. C

    The Ultimate 4x4 Grow Tent no object. Only space: 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet (1.2m by 1.2m by 2.4m ) confines your PERFECT setup for creating the mostest/highest potency medicine a setup of this size can buy. What is your DREAM equipment for every component for this room? I would ask that you include model...
  3. M

    MackMurder's First Grow - Moneymaker Strain - DWC Hydro Tent - Grow Plan & Equipment

    Hello to the forum. I've been doing heavy researching for months. A friend of mine did 3.7lbs dry on 2000 watts in a grow tent. He's got 20 years. I'm not expecting that. But I'm setting myself up for success and elimating any room for failure. In sure I'll have some. I live in a place where...
  4. TheDankBone

    TheDankBone's Bagseed Grow! Tons Of Pictures

    Hello everyone! Been growing for a couple successful harvests and have followed this site for years. It just dawned on me recently how sad it is not having documentation of the nice little plants I've grown, and so here I am! Feel free to join me along the way. I intend to post quite frequently...
  5. L

    5x5 Grow Tent In Shed

    hey friends! I am hoping to start a grow in my new home, which has a significantly large shed out back. I live in southern louisiana where the weather is sometimes unpredictable, hot, and humid. I'll be starting in late fall, so i have a few questions. I'll be growing in a 5x5ft vivosun...
  6. Skullman420

    A thread for the users of Mars-Hydro lamps

    Hi :) I'm DeVille, and I am a happy user of several Mars-Hydro products. Right now I own 4 lamps and am waiting for 8 more. I am Pro series user and I have had fantastic results with this series of lamps. In my subjective view they did outperform HD/HID lamps in the same setup. So I bought more...
  7. B

    White Widow auto too cold?

    I have moved my 9 week old WWA to a grow tent in my basement. The temperature is only 59 degrees as the lights I use don't give off much heat...I don't know if that is warn enough...
  8. O

    4x4x6.5 1000w HPS grow tent setup help

    I have a yaheetech 4x4x6.5 grow tent that i will be using a 1000w hps bulb and an air cool hood with. Im wondering what size fan i should get as far as CFM. i live in area with roughly high temperatures, although the grow will be indoors in roughly 75 degree temperature. I'm concerned about the...
  9. D

    LED and grow tent buying question

    Hey my fellow 420 people! :) I have a question regarding some stuff i see on ebay. I will not name any brands here. I got like a warning last time i did. Anyways lets say the LED i look for at the supplier, and locally cost 500$. But then i can find the same. LED plus the brands tent for...
  10. GroZone

    Grozone's Multitent Adventures - The Story Of A Perpetual Harvest

    Lets start off with my setup: -Critical Kush x3 (clones by midnight farms) -39" x 39" x 70" Mars Hydro Grow Tent -The Perfect Sun 500 LED (on timer) -One Intake Fan -One Oscillating Tower Fan -Coco Loco Growing Medium Mixed With Extra Perlite -5 Gal Smart Pots -Flora Nova Grow, Flora...
  11. S

    Advice Please

    Hey Guys, I ordered some pretty dank, auto fem seeds... I have a 4x2x6 tent. I also plan to do some outdoor growing... but the seeds I bought off crop king i want to use indoor. I bought ten seeds in total (White widow and Jack Herer) .... I realize they will not all fit in the tent... not a...
  12. GandalfsPipe

    Thoughts on my planned setup

    First time grower here & have been scrounging this forum for the last few days picking up insights, opinions, techniques, etc from numerous threads. I'm now at the point where I am ready to buy all of the needed equipment & along the mantra of "measure twice, cut once" wanted to ensure I wasn't...
  13. S

    Cali OG Kush/Haze - Sativa - DWC - 2 x 300W LEDs - First Grow Ever

    Hello, ok so i've been reading all kinds of articles and video tutorials for last couple months. finally i decided to move forward with this new hobby of mine. this is the details of my setup: Bucket Size - 5 gal with large air stone and drip ring For the beginning... Medium - clay...
  14. mackdaddyerb

    Help with LED choice

    Hello I am setting up a 2'x2'x4.5' tent grow soon and wondered if anyone would chime in on decent LEDs I was originally gonna go for the MARS ll Hydro 400w (still might) but heard a few crap things on this forum What do you think to these 3: King plus 600w (too big for my tent?)...
  15. bulkdelish

    Random auto and AK Auto 120x60x150 grow tent HSP 400w

    just a quick post on the update of my plants. I started only just 31 days ago so I'm a noob. I've got them set up and in a 120x60x150mm grow tent with 400w HSP grow light from flower power with a blue spectrum mixed my normal organic soil 50%, coco 30% and perlite 20% roughly stated usuing...
  16. mackdaddyerb

    Phresh Hyperfan with silencer vs Phresh Stealth fan with built in silencer

    Has anyone here used or heard of the Phresh Stealth fan? there seems to be very little coverage of it anywhere on google. I came across one product review and someone said the built in muffler created 'oscillating sounds' due to its bulld but nothing else on it hardly. The stealth is supposed...
  17. mackdaddyerb

    Is 40cmx40cmx140cm wide & tall enough for one LED auto grow?

    Hello As the title states. I am more concerned about width, is 40cm enough from seed to harvest for an auto? I think 1.4m should hopefully be enough height (still a little concerned as i know LEDs need to be set higher from the plant than other lights) This is the maximum size I can work with...
  18. J

    Any help gladly accepted!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to all this. It feels abit like the old bill (police) are going to kick my door down lol. I'm on my 2nd grow. well my first was autos. Iv got a small tent 2x2x4 with ten Dream machine with a 600w hps. one week in any help/advice would be kindly accepted.:thumb::420::thanks:
  19. TheDankDuo

    My First Set-Up - Vent Question

    Here it is folks! My first tent setup(4x4). Let me know what you think! I plan on exhausting all the air through the hood>ducting>fan>ducting>carbon filter in the attic (Can-Fan pro series 420cfm 6in and can fan carbon filter 66) Good plan?
  20. TheDankDuo

    1st grow - 3x3 - 600W HPS/MH - DWC - Advice please

    Hello all you lovely folks of :420: ! Really appreciate putting all there knowledge up here; and now I have decided to start my own grow. Been doing a lot of research over the last few months, and have come down to using this set up which I am going to go out to my local hydro store/Amazon...