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  1. Clone tub

    Clone tub

    The underside of these clones after 1 week, im starting to see some bumps.
  2. Krissi Carbone

    That's A Load Of Bull: Big Bull Photoperiod & Blueberry Autoflower Split Tent Grow

    Welcome to my grow room! We have an array of seeds coming this way.... This journal is a side project and will concur alongside a sister grow as seeds for both grows were dropped today after soaking in water for 18 hours. It will have a Blueberry Autoflower, a re-run of a non...
  3. J

    Can someone maybe diagnose these two?

    Hope they're saveable thanks in advance for any help I been told on another forum website calcium deficiency, and nutrient burn, and after googling calcium deficiency I'm thinking myself it might actually be potassium toxicity. These people refused to elaborate so yea idk, I'm still kinda lost...
  4. 3-04-22.jpg


    My Mid Winter Start in Tent
  5. CannaTech3D

    CannaTech3D Grow Tent Accessories! Fan Clamp Mounts & Shelves & More!

    Hello 420 FAM! Use coupon CANNATECH10 in our Amazon store to get 10% off your order! We have plenty of FBA stock and will be fulfilled by Prime delivery. We Ship FBA (Fullfilled by Amazon) to USA, Canada, and Mexico...
  6. 9171yQSL7uL._AC_SX960_SY720_.jpg


    Grow Tent clamp fan mount. Lifetime Warranty! We stand behind our products! Sizes: 16mm 19mm 22mm
  7. 914u3t40xuL._AC_SX960_SY720_.jpg


    Grow tent corner shelf designed for grow tents. Made in the USA! Easily display your hygrometer or webcam to keep an eye on those temperatures or plants! Sizes: 16mm 19mm 22mm
  8. image_2022_01_21T16_14_12_491Z.png


    Grow tent wire clips. All materials are high quality and made in the USA Sizes: 16mm 19mm 22mm
  9. CannaTech3D

    CannaTech3D: Hello 420 Fam! Need Grow Tent Accessories? We Got Your Back!

    Hello 420 Friends! We are so proud to be a sponsor for 420 Magazine! It is great to be here and we are very excited to introduce our products to everyone on this great platform! As of right now now we have 3 products ready to ship. Grow Tent Fan Mounts Grow Tent corner Shelves Grow tent...
  10. Photo 3 - New Tent.jpg

    Photo 3 - New Tent.jpg

    Mars Hydro 4x4 Tent
  11. Photo 2 - New Tent.jpeg

    Photo 2 - New Tent.jpeg

    Mars Hydro 4x4 Tent
  12. Photo 1 - New Tent.jpeg

    Photo 1 - New Tent.jpeg

    Mars Hydro 4x4 Tent
  13. 20211210_120654.jpg


    Outside of tent insulation attempt #1
  14. 20211114_224015.jpg


    Air ventilation exhaust vent inside view
  15. 20211114_224000.jpg


    Fan mounted to ceiling of garage to maximize available headspace inside the tent
  16. 9AC42411-B323-44B9-A9DE-EAA108C8AB7D.jpeg


  17. BakedARea

    Need help with ventilation placement

    Hey y'all. This will be my first time growing indoors. I am getting my @Mars Hydro tent setup and I am trying to determine which spot would be best for the filter and fan. Here are a couple pics of my setup. Should I set it up in the back corner and run the ducting through the top port? That...
  18. Filling the tent!

    Filling the tent!

    4 on the floor , in a 4x4!
  19. hazeluv69

    Humidity issue late flowering 60+

    My issue is that I’m in late flowering with 5 girls & my humidity is always around 60s, it’s like week 6 now and they are getting fat and I do not want mould , I have a tower fan on a stool in the tent and a oscillating fan hung up blowing on top and in the canopy. Humidity never seems to drop...
  20. Dkmg01

    DK's Grow Show With The Mars Hydro FC3000: Sponsored Grow

    Good day and hello :ciao: to all my fellow growers! :Namaste: My name is DKMG01 but you can call me DK. I am from South Africa and have almost 2 years experience in growing. I am starting my new grow journal with new hardware! The gorgeous FC3000 Firstly I'm overwhelmed to have the chance...
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