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  1. Annabanana


    Hello fellow OzStoners I've not grown for 15 years and the bulk of my experience is in outdoor cultivation. I've set up two tents ; 1 is 1.5 sq/ m, the other is 4 sq/m and am waiting for my seeds. But my question is; is there an alternative for the production of CO2 via canister & regulator...
  2. D

    Scrog help

    Ok so I have a tent 6x6x5 fusion hut and I'm trying to put a scrog netting in it. I am finding this difficult for a few reasons. Any suggestions would be great. What is best to make it out of I spent 100$ in 1 inch pvc pipe, to find out its to thin and bendable and the string warps the frame...
  3. D

    Exhaust fan position

    Ok so I've done 4 grows now and found that my light is being to dispursed in the grow area as its to big for my lights. So to fix this I bought a grow tent. 6x6x5 my questions is this. I have a 325 cfm inline fan should I put it blowing fresh air into the tent or suckling older air out of the...
  4. H

    Grow tent advice needed please

    what brand/size grow tent should i invest in? i suppose ideally enough room for 6 girls/space for babies/clones at some point once i get the hang of things. just dont want to have to buy another one later on down the line. im growing for personal use and dont wanna take up too much space. ive...
  5. C

    help me! tent sizes! new grower

    hi guys im kinda new to growing i have grown a few plants before ive decided its time to upgrade and get a tent! i was looking to grow 10 plants to a decent size and was wondering what tent size you guys recommend or what brand or even the best grow tent kits? im looking at doing a soil grow...
  6. B

    Earth Worth Grow Tent?

    Does anyone have any experience using grow tents by "Earth Worth'? I have a grow room but need to have a separate space so I can veg & flower at the same time. Thanks! :peace:
  7. G

    Custom Grow Tents

    Hey guys, I've been reading this forum for a little while now, researching, collecting stray pieces of information here and there and I finally feel ready to build my set-up. The only issue is, none of the tents fit my requirements, and ALL the grow tent brands offer the exact same...
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