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  1. T

    Nitrogen Toxicity With Organic Hot Soil, Kind Soil: Please Help!

    Hey guys, this is my first grow. I recently became a medical patient in Illinois and have just started to learn the basics of growing. So far I have 5 autoflower White Widows currently 8 weeks 2 days from seed. I also have 1 photo-period plant Big Tooth which was germinated and planted with...
  2. Hypnotic420

    Topping plants

    I topped one of my plants to try out this method to enhance the cola yield but after a week or so my stems went from green to purple. The other 2 that I didn’t top are fine. All are getting the same nutrient water mixture and sunlight/indoor light. I read it may have something to do with...
  3. F

    How many plants for my room?

    Hi, I'm totally new to growing and I've started from scratch about 2 weeks ago. My room is almost 100% set up with all the best material I could afford. For now that is. I'm wondering how many plants can I ultimately grow in my room given the material I have: My room is 13' x 10' (x 7'...
  4. T


    Hi everyone, I am new here so I'm not sure if Im posting this in the right place but I need help. My plant is doing really good except one thing I have noticed is the branches of my fan leaves are turning dark purple on the top side. I have heard this is caused by a deficiency but I would like...
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