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growant g3hipar-series

  1. SweetSue

    SweetSue Shows Off The GROWant GR480 - More Light!

    The particulars: Tents: Mars-Hydro 27" x 27" x 62.5 Lights: * GROWant G3HiPAR GR480 * GROWant G3HiPAR GR240 x 2 Medium: Living Organic Soil Nutrients: Doc Bud's Hi Brix Blend kit Chemovars: * Carnival (Ministry of Carnival): clone in veg, day 68 * Jamaican bag seed: clone, 15 days in flower...
  2. J

    Micr0gr0w3r - GROWant - Heavyweight Seeds - Ocean Grown Genetics - Loud Seeds - 2017

    Week 1 Day 7 of Flower I purchased these lights from Amazon and this is my 3rd harvest. These lights work very well. I have purchased 4 of these G3HiPAR-Series and I have ordered more lights from this company. If you have any questions on how they perform let me know as I have photos of...