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  1. Southern Grower

    1st Grow Autoflower Indoor

    Hey everyone! I’m just starting out with the Autoflowers. Can’t wait to post more pictures of the progress and maybe some questions I’ll have along the way. I have already been overwhelmed by the number of responses of tips and tricks and inquiries from a lot of members. Great ppl here! Happy...
  2. Southern Grower

    Autoflower, Dwarf Lowflyer, Afghani Kush

    Let me know what you think in the comments please, all Picture was taken shortly after watering, normally show a dryer soil... I’m new at the game. Thx for looking, love any input. I’ll be posting pictures frequently of the growth of my babies..... my setup is as follows; 2-300W Mars LED 19/5...
  3. H

    Training techniques to increase yield!

    Hey All - I wrote a brief article with the top 5 ways to train your plant to increase size and yields. This is a rough draft for an article in a local publication (I hope). It's my first publication since high school, so I'm prepared for some quality constructive criticism if you are up for...