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  1. J

    New to LED lights: Help!

    Good day 420 community! I have recently started growing autos (lemon haze & northern storm) in a 5x5x6 tent. They are officially 20 days old since popping from the soil. The soil Im using is fox farm ocean forest so I haven’t been adding any nutes due to the soil already having some. As for as...
  2. T

    How much you think that this one can produce? Feedback is loved

    Hey! With zero knowledge of this type of blueberry strain, im very interested in how much weight you think this beauty can produce? - HappyFarmer :)
  3. Tnt7800

    Growing Weed Anywhere!

    So I got some questions, with being legal. grow some trees all over my house why not.? Lol Chong did it☮️ So I really want to know how he had weed as regular old house plants..
  4. RedBudPH

    MabuHIGH 420Mag! Greetings from Philippines!

    Hi im from PH, As i was researching cannabis growers guide on google, i hit this forum site where i saw/read some growers, some are Filipinos like me. Ive been smoking Mj for 13years or so, but buying weed is a pain in my pocket since (1) i am a father of two. And (2) our newly elected...
  5. W

    Please help! Unwanted pests need gone

    I have 4 plants that im worried about. I have found the Fluffy bum or more commonly knows as the PassionVine hopper spread throughout our 3 sativa and 1 indica plants. Im not sure how to get rid of these but They are only babies at the moment. Id really love it if we could tackle this...
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