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  1. Tnt7800

    Growing Weed Anywhere!

    So I got some questions, with being legal. grow some trees all over my house why not.? Lol Chong did it☮️ So I really want to know how he had weed as regular old house plants..
  2. RedBudPH

    MabuHIGH 420Mag! Greetings from Philippines!

    Hi im from PH, As i was researching cannabis growers guide on google, i hit this forum site where i saw/read some growers, some are Filipinos like me. Ive been smoking Mj for 13years or so, but buying weed is a pain in my pocket since (1) i am a father of two. And (2) our newly elected...
  3. W

    Please help! Unwanted pests need gone

    I have 4 plants that im worried about. I have found the Fluffy bum or more commonly knows as the PassionVine hopper spread throughout our 3 sativa and 1 indica plants. Im not sure how to get rid of these but They are only babies at the moment. Id really love it if we could tackle this...
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