1. Brassico

    Abandoned My Current Grow

    6 plants 3 popped from seedlings here's a jr plant i have been growing to there all in early early stages like 17 days is the oldest ones i got they are below listed in colored ink what strain they are and stages there at hope you guys enjoy and anybody let me know how to update this for next...
  2. R

    Another Newbie

    Looking to setup a 5ftx5ft grow tent. 4 Plants growing SCROG. Will 1000w HPS be sufficient, or overkill? Looking for max yield here, so laving enough space for each plant. AK47 is up first. Many thanks for any and all input.
  3. B

    Just need advice

    Hey just looking for some tips, and general answers for my question. My plants are nearing completion just wanted to double check when I move onto canna flush, for flushing before harvest should I still be adding feed a+b to the solution with flush or just flush? I'm currently using a soil...
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