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  1. C

    First time growing need help!

    This is my first time growing, but I'm just missing one thing, I need a good growing medium available in eastern Ontario Canada, I need a good soil/fertilizer, that I can get, I've tried getting FoxFarm's Oceans and Forests, but sadly I can't get it, it's on Amazon but the prices are ridiculous...
  2. A

    Soil mix suggestions? Autos - Beginner

    Started one seed as a test run last week it has started good so far. Planted in just regular organic potting soil. This weekend im going to the grow shop to pick up the specifics. Starting gs cookie, amphetamine, 6 shooter, sour diesel, narco purps, and maybe a cash crop. Can i geta recipe for...
  3. SCaldwell

    Cannabis: Overwatering 101

    As you all know I am a newbie, growing medical marijuana for my mom who has lymphoma. Because I am growing for my mom, who is already hesitant to use medical marijuana, I wanted to make sure I grow it properly and obtain a high yield. Researching medical marijuana cultivation these past few...
  4. ZenWarrior

    pH & Alkalinity?

    What is pH? pH is a logarithmic scale which measures of the acidity or basicity of a solution. Specifically, pH is the measure of the weight of hydrogen ions (H+) within a solution. What is the pH scale? pH is measured on a scale ranging 0 — 14, with 0 being the most acidic (example...
  5. ZenWarrior

    Growth Stages & Environment Cheat Sheet (image)

    Germination Stage Stage Activity & Duration: Germination marks the beginning of your plant's life cycle. The duration of this stage varies by strain, however most strains require approximately 3 — 8 days to complete germination. There are three key components to this stage: moisture, warmth...
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