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growing problems

  1. G

    Leaves getting purple, nothing I tried helped

    Hello everyone! As you can see in my pictures, the leaves of my (4 week old Sour Diesel) have gotten purple. She gets 12/12 for a week now but the leaves have been purple before that. Some other facts : temp is ~25 degree Celsius (77F) during lightening and ~23-24 degree Celsius (73,5F-75,2F)...
  2. P

    Auto grow disaster

    I am currently growing a auto anesthesia plant outdoors in the UK. I grew it indoors for about 4 weeks and then moved it outside. It has been outside for 2weeks now. Disaster struck about 4 days after moving outside when half of one of the leaves was eaten off. Another leaf was then eaten off...
  3. H

    Hello - I need help

    Hello I have a problem with my cannabis plant the bottom tips of the leave are starting to get yellow and i don't know if this is supposed to happen or is it some kind of a problem and it's my first time trying to grow cannabis i can use some tips if you guys can tell me
  4. L

    Yellow spots on leaves around buds

    Hi everybody, I have 2 outdoor plants of 2 completely different strains. They both start flowering for about 4 weeks (unfortunately I was in holidays at that time, so I can't tell exactly when it starts). Two weeks ago when I came back from holidays one of the plants (named A) was...
  5. L

    Yellow Edges on 20 Day Old Plants

    These plants are 20 days old growing indoors with floresent lights and placed outside during daylight hours. Getting 18 hours under lights...then the rest of the time outdoors. really no dark time. Noticed slight yellowing on two plants. Could be too much nutrients. have been using low dose...
  6. J

    How to quicken plant growth

    Hello all I started my first indoor grow op almost a month ago, and have been annoyed by how slow the plant is growing. I realise growing is a patient sport, however, I cannot help but think that my plant could be growing a hell of a lot faster. Especially since in my outdoor grow, I forgot...
  7. C

    1 month old plant with soggy lower leaves - Help!

    Hi, This is my first grow, and my plant has soggy lower leaves. Can somebody please help me. My soil is miracle grow seed starting potting mix 0.0 - 0.01 - 0.0. I only give it water, about every second day, when the soil starts drying up. I'm using two 300w 4100k cfl's producing 3500 lumens...
  8. L

    1st time growing need best advice for my set up

    I have a 150 watt hps light bulb I'm planning on growing The church and royal queen kush . Both indica I'm using a closet its a good amount of space. I plan on growing 2 plants at a time. The only problem is I'm not Goood with fertilezers , soil and nutrientents. I was just wondering...
  9. WizHigh

    Yellow special or yellow not so special? Help!

    I have been farming for about a week no, my first love is growing beautiful and healthy just added its first taste of fish fert, stinky stuff. I had a little surprise today, my second plant is only a day above ground. Just noticed it his morning. But the thing is its YELLOW!!!! YES the first day...
  10. WizHigh

    The most important time before high time GROWING!!!

    I'm fairly new to the farming, and have a lot of questions but first I have a flower that's about a week old. Its very green and healthy. I started it outside ad only used rain to water and its been working very well. I feel like it time for ferts. I moved to a 12inch pot I am wondering how to...
  11. J

    Limp yellowish dry bottom leaves Clone

    Hey All, I'm New to this site, and to growing.I've been growing my clone under a 100 watt equivalent CFL in my own little grow chamber. As Of late the bottom leaves have been turning dry, yellow, and droopy. It's an OG Herojuana Clone that I just rooted about 4 days ago, fed it light nutrients...
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