growing sativas

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    Are they ready?

    Hello my fellow 420'ers. I have a little closet crop of a strain called Kaboom of which, I'm told by my seed guy, is 85% Sativa, and 15% Indica that is coming near to harvest (they've been flowering for 6 weeks now). I do not have much money, so I can't afford to buy a jeweller's scope. Is...
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    From Michigan a nice place to be from! Not

    to Live!! I st the name Metro Growth came about not for marijuana growing purposes. I came from an idea of working with others to support & help grow as a community bring back pride & prosperity by working together.420 Magazine ® The laws ie; I don't like politics, though Michigan is all...
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    Sativa Satisfaction.a poll

    Indica,Indica,Indica......don't get me wrong. I love quality indica and indica hybrids. Heavy yields, quick finishes and monster colas.. I could go on forever. However this thread concerns Sativas. You remember sativas right? 12 foot monsters, spindly buds and year long maturation times...
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