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    Growing in a 2 Room Basement?

    I have no idea about anything. My basement has 2 rooms, the first room is 15' x 9' and the second room is 14' x 12' (I figured the second room should be used for the flowering stage since it's bigger). Both rooms are 7' tall and that's to the ceiling. I like Sativa dominant strains but is 7'...
  2. G

    Old timer as a new member

    I am very new to the cannabis nation. I have done a lot of recent research throughout the Internet on benefits of cannabis. I am now motivated to try growing my own crop. I am an old guy, retired from college teaching, married with two grown children that I punished for doing the same thing...
  3. B

    Mystery Grow Journal

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site and new to DWC and growing in general so, I have decided after much reading of the site to join and start this journal to get advice and feed back from all of you guys and gals on here. First off this is just some junk that I slapped together here are...
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    Hydroponic Systems

    I've been growing outdoors for years and I wanted to try growing using a hydroponic system. I don't have too much space indoors and I don't want a complicated system. I'd like to start with a unit that can hold 10-15 plants and comes assembled. I've been online looking at several options, so I...
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