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  1. P

    Hello Everyone

    I'm Pothead71. I'm also new to 420. I just finished registering. :cheer2: I'm in the process of growing two female plants out back the house. They are about 3 feet tall and are starting to flower (I think). I don't know anything about when they will be ready. I'm waiting for my first good...
  2. dogbud54

    Preparing a stop motion

    Hi people I'm preparing a stop motion from my new auto AK47 from Grass-O-Matic, it will be made with pictures take day by day and after ready I'll post here. You can also enjoy this current Journal in my blog. Bellow you can see how it is going, I'll made panorama pictures from each week...
  3. L

    My First Outdoor Grow - Unknown Bag Seed - Sativa Strain

    Hey Everyone I know Its Early To Grow Outside but there is nothing to stop you from doing it. Well this journal is for 1 plant it's 2 weeks old plant. it just finished her 2nd set of true leaf and it developed 3 nods. i have LST the plant to experiment this LST method. i added 20-20-20 NPK...
  4. K

    Different Country, Still Growing

    Hey my friends, I'm from Quebec, Canada but recently moved in the USA, I don't know if I dreamed or if I smoke too much but I feel like I wrote the same thing somewhere; if someone remember the same title thread, please tell me because I'm not sure if I don't have another user name in the same...
  5. P

    First time grower

    ok so im a first time outdoor grower n i need help wit a couple things: 1. where are the sucker leaves n wat do they look like? 2. wat would b the best way to grow my plant outdoors?
  6. Growing247

    Using fireplace ashes in your garden - discuss here.

    Hello everyone. This is an article I found about using fireplace ashes in your garden. I wanted to know what everyone thought about if using ash in small quantities would be a good idea for growing marijuana. Particularly in the bloom cycle. I am looking into ways to cut down on expensive...
  7. B

    Mystery Grow Journal

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site and new to DWC and growing in general so, I have decided after much reading of the site to join and start this journal to get advice and feed back from all of you guys and gals on here. First off this is just some junk that I slapped together here are...
  8. B

    First timer question on soil

    I have read the posts but need a straight answer. I want to grow about 5 plants for personel. I want to use a pre mixed soil. No fuss no muss for my first grow. Which one to use? Thanx.
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