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  1. 97jeep

    Jeep's Indoor Garden - Ocean Grown Genetics

    Sup everyone, new to 420mag but been on GC for awhile, making the switch over. Lots of updates to come when i return home but it may be slow here for the next month. I'v been a grower for over 10 years now but still learning everyday. feel free to post your thoughts and advise as i document my...
  2. andIhalped

    Lemon Meringue: Outdoor Grow & Smoke Report

    Outdoor grown Lemon Meringue (sativa dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream) Grow: I purposely grew it so it would stay under 4ft (legal grow, but my neighbors are finicky & last yr's 7 ft Jack Herer was cool but a bit too in-the-face): grown from a clone that I didn’t put out...
  3. Hazezombie420

    New Life

    Hi this is my little grow iv started 1lemon amnisa &1cheese both grown in plagron batmix under a ledgle in a 2x2 tent.
  4. andIhalped

    Experience growing Lemon Diesel?

    It's one of my favorite strains, when I can find a decent batch. I'm thinking of growing it next yr, outdoors. Let me know if you've grown it & what yr experience was...seems to be sorta unstable in terms of phenos, from what I gather.
  5. Ron Strider

    CA: The Life Cycle Of A Marijuana Plant At A Palm Springs Dispensary

    "It was Patton's laundry during the war", says Jim Camper as he explained the curious zig zag roof line of his iconic commercial building south of the Palm Springs International Airport. "Those windows up on the roof were cranked open to let the steam escape." Today he operates a...
  6. Ron Strider

    Ten Facts About Pennsylvania's Hemp History

    1. Lancaster County was the hemp capital of early America. The county's original Hempfield Township was formed in 1729 and was named for the "vast quantities of hemp raised there." 2. George Washington visited and inspected Pennsylvania hemp mills. In 1794 President George Washington visited...
  7. S

    Growing autos with florescents

    I'm growing the dwarf low flyer soon.anyone know or have you grown an auto under florescent lighting?
  8. D

    Deptrai's 2017 Chocolate Haze

    Chocolate Haze 95% sativa, 5% indica Indoor Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil mixed with 30% pearlite 7 gallon Smartpot, starting in Solo cup, then 2 gallon Smartpot 180 watt (60 3w chips with 103w actual output) Chinese UFO 4 65w 6500K CFL for veg and 4 65w 2700K CFL for flower So I'm going...
  9. B

    First time grow - Premature flowering? Autoflower

    she is almost 5 weeks old and started shownig pre flowering sings i think a week ago and science friday it seems to have not grown in height from what i understand is should be growing fast when pre flowering starts does it look to you like premature flowering? should i be bummed...
  10. luckiestman13

    4000W Medical Grow With Veg & Cloning Room

    Hey fellow growers! Thought I would start another journal here. I also have one over at the ocean grown forums. youtube growers I like to follow Growmau5 Vader Vision Grand Master level medicropper grow tube round table Almost have this new flower room dialed in...
  11. R

    Auto Pounder! First Time Grow!

    Two Viperspectra 400 watt led 3 gallon pots Organic soil Hydro gro Nuts Day 14 Day 24 One is being grown using LST method One is being grown using the de fan leafing method First time grower just wanted to test more than one method! How am I doin(?
  12. Gardenseed

    Mr. Leo Greens Soil Base Super Lemon Haze

    Info Name - Lemon Haze Strain - Sativa Hybrid System- Seed & Loam Grow room- 8'x6'x7' Light- HPS 2x 600w Extraction - 6" Carbon filter air scruber Ventilation - 3500 btu Air Conditioning unit Cycles Begin 2016-12-15 Germinate - 10 days, Lighting - 4' dual T8 fluorescent 24 hours on 4...
  13. Dwight Monk

    Dwight's Plant & Bud Thread

    Getting old and CRS (Can't Remember ummm Squat yeah that's it ;) :19: ) is setting in. Some I have grown with a few Dispensary flower pics thrown in here and there, while I try to get the hang of taking pics and potentially editing my pics (we shant hold our breath on that one as I am...
  14. mackdaddyerb

    Are non-organic cannabis nutrients unhealthy?

    I am into nutrition and health, and believe organic food is much better for humans because it is not genetically modified (GMO ridden), full or additives or colourants and isn't grown with pesticides. I truly believe that a build of chemicals from the above lead to cancers and other diseases and...
  15. Need2Succeed

    1st Self Grown Grow

  16. K

    Thailand: Hemp Growing Limited To State Agencies Until 2021

    The cultivation, sale and possession of hemp or ganjong, the little brother of cannibis, has been officially approved but it will be at least four years before the general public can get involved. Only state agencies will be allowed to seek permits for the first three years after the order...
  17. C

    Help plants not grown for 2 months

    Hi, my plants don't seem to have gotten past the seedling stage and it's been nearly two months, they appear to be healthy but they haven't grown in almost 2 months so basically they are 6 inch tall four sets of baby leaves like Adidas logos, they look green and healthy besides the lack of...
  18. K

    OR: Is Marijuana Grown In Greenhouses Considered 'Outside'?

    Medford, Ore. — Medford officials are considering whether the city's ban on outdoor marijuana cultivation also applies to greenhouses. The Mail Tribune reports that the City Council on Thursday will hold a study session to discuss what constitutes a legitimate structure in the city and where...
  19. K

    CA: Marijuana - Unsettled Issues Remain

    California voters did the easy part: they legalized marijuana. Proposition 64's approval was a big victory for people who consider the drug harmless and for those who hope to profit from growing and selling it. Yet, as anyone who has tried to buy marijuana since the election without a...
  20. HizzyB

    HizzyB's 1st Mainline/Manifold Attempt Mango Haze For CCO

    HizzyB Here, We just took off into total uncharted waters here. We done lots of LOw Stress Training, some high stress training/breaking but this mainlining or what others call manifolding is new to us as can be. CBD Crew Seeds Mango Haze This mostly sativa plant is being grown indoors...
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