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  1. R

    My setup newbie growdrobe what you reckon

    1x 250w duel spectrum 1x 600w led 2x fans (filter kit in the post) 5x purple haze
  2. Blkhippiee

    Week 5 Veg: Indoor Home Grow

    So now we’re entering week 5 of Veg. Starting to notice the undergrowth rising up and forming nice looking colas. I’ve been tying down the larger taller branches to allow more light to hit the middle area. I’ve also noticed the branches and main stem thickening. So far so good.
  3. T

    Space up there

    long time smoker first time grower...I carved out a small 5x10 area in my attic using some panda paper to place my hydro system in. I had an electricain install six outlets 2 240v (lights n ballast) and 4 120v (fans, ac and etc). I also ran a water line and placed a float valve in my rez which...
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