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  1. G

    C02 in veg

    Hey guys, just wanted to know what everyone thinks of using a c02 generator in veg! i know some people say its a waste, while others say it helps a lot in both veg and flower, so let the discussion begin!!
  2. madmarv0525

    MadMarv Makes A Comeback!

    Hello 420 Fam, It has been a long time since I have been on here, so let's catch up. I am a disabled veteran, college student, and father of four. We all live in a 900sf 3br house with my mother, our two dogs, and one cat. Due mainly to poor credit decisions while I was in the Army, but...
  3. O

    Few questions that I can't seem to answer - 400 watt grow space

    hello everyone ill try to make this simple, yet im having such a hard time trying to figure out.. I recently just did my first grow ( woooho)and it was successful; not perfect but successful. Im using a 400 watt hps for veg and flower.. i know rookie but thats all i can do for the moment. i...
  4. H

    11m x 4m grow

    Hello everyone , I want to grow in a 11 meters x 4 meters room. I already grew my own stuff and know what to do with nutrients and the other stuff. I know this is very very much , but I just want to know which way is the best...
  5. J

    Water to the 2nd floor? Reverse Osmosis!!

    How you doing friends, im building a growroom on the 2nd floor in our house, the kitchen and bathroom etc are all on the first floor, I have bought a Reverse Osmosis system and trying to figure out do i just drill wholes from the basement run a garden house through the floors and up to the...
  6. J

    New grow room advice needed

    hi everyone. I have been looking for a long time now at growing my own, and have thought of various options. I am going to be growing lowryders to start, then maybe move on from there. I need it to be as stealth as possible, as I am only doing it for personal use only. I started off looking...
  7. A Gardener

    Hi Guys

    Hi Guys, I am A Gardener and I am brand new here! I Have been growing my own White Russian, Chronic, AK, Bubble Gum etc for about 7 or 8 years. I am very lucky as i live with my two best friends, my 3 year old dog and one of her pups. I have a whole house to myself, which I make the most of...
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