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  1. F

    LED grow tent UK burn holes or hotspot issues

    Hi could anyone tell me what this could be with my plants i dont think it’s nutrient burn or pest bugs issue or ph problems as i ph at 6.2
  2. Pearcey's Plants

    Gods Green Crack Perp Grow

    Hey guys started some gods green crack seeds the other week to make my first attempt at a Sea of Green perpetual grow. I currently have Dancehall and Roadrunner in the flower tent and Dancehall in the veg tent with GCC. Variety: Sativa/Indica Hybrid - 50% Plant Stage: Vegetation, Week 2...
  3. ZoomiePipes

    ZoomiePipes Poison Pineapple & Skunk Grow 2019

    So I’ve just started popping seeds on GrassMonkey Poison Pineapple and an unknown linage indica I’m calling skunk that was grown outdoors. I found a few seeds in the skunk. Both of these are photoperiod strains. I have a 100W “blurple” LED and 150W ECRU LED that I’m running in a 2x2x4 Vivosun...
  4. Ydro93

    I'm new to this indoor growing, help

    Good evening 420 community! I have started my first indoor grow They are 3 Apple Fritter Cookies, 3 Gorilla Glues & 2 that are unknown lol. I Planted the seeds on May 5, 2019 in 2 pound pots. They are inside a 5ft x 5ft x 6.5ft tent and I believe we have a “ColoFocus” full spectrum 600w light...
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