1. R

    Best light for 5x5 tent

    I have a few runs under my belt but want to upgrade my grow area. I want to get a 5x5 tent but I am not sure what light to get. I think the 630 lec is a beautiful fixture and have seen it get good results - might be worth the investment what do you think? Anyother suggestions? Thanks!
  2. wanabegrower

    Organic Soil - P Express, Skywalker, Granddaddy Blueberry, W Russian, Green Crack

    What strains: White Russian, Skywalker, Pineapple Express,Granddaddy Blueberry(purple berry), and last (Green Crack X Tragic) all in seedling stage this is how I got there 24hr soaking in cup of water on 4/22/2017 then into wet paper towels in ziplock sandwich baggies 4/23/2017 after...
  3. Kundal1n1

    FirstGrowOp - Need help with heating growtent

    Hi there everyone, this is my first indoor grow operation. I have experience and success with outdoor growing and gardening but am a total noob when it comes to indoor growing. I started this project a couple days ago, I have a very limited budget. Started building my own grow tent in the...
  4. G

    Beginner Indoor Grow

    I plan on growing indoor in a 12 by 16 room with the following specs: -4x4x6 secret jardin dark street tent -600w apollo light with air cooled hood w/ timer on a 18/6 cycle during flower, 12/12 during -6 fabric smart pots 1 per plant (Undecided seed want something 2-2.5 month cycle)...
  5. N

    Neverlow710's Lucy Soil Grow

    This is my first posting on here, I decided to do a grow journal as I enjoy reading them and I would also like to contribute and get some advice on my own grow. I have a 3'x3'x6.5' virtual sun grow tent with a 85 watt cfl and light hood the box has an exhaust fan and I later will add a carbon...
  6. sativacat

    Setting up my first grow - What I've learned, Power Use and Questions.

    Hello folks! I am new to this hobby and have been really enjoying reading up on all the information on this and a couple of other forums. In the end I decided I was going to focus on one forum and try to share what I could on that (this) forum. First I want to thank you all that have shared...
  7. DrTentgrow

    DrTentgrow and William Blazes 1200W Power Plant

    Air 150mm 720m3/h extractor fan and carbon filter fan speed controller 10" circulation fan 2kw oil filled heater on a thermostat Light 1 x 250w cfl blue spectrum 2 x 600w magnetic ballasts mh and hps bulbs 2kw contactor relay digital timers Soil, pots ect... 1l round deep...
  8. F

    Does my plants get "stressed" with different light spectrums?

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum =) I have heard that you guys on this forum really know your stuff, so I'll try get some tips here =) I'm on my 4. grow, and this is the first time I have "proffesional" gear. (growtent, carbone filter, fertilizers and so on) I have a growtent...