growth stages

  1. A

    New Cannabis Cultivator — A Few General Questions

    First — HI to all and :thanks: in advance. I've read lots and am just getting started with my first grow. Please comment on these few concerns I'm a bit unclear about. Background = Soil, HO T-5 germ & seedling, 4 x 4 foot tent, 1000w aircooled HPS, passive intake/active exhaust, 9 fem'd...
  2. ZenWarrior

    Growth Stages & Environment Cheat Sheet (image)

    Germination Stage Stage Activity & Duration: Germination marks the beginning of your plant's life cycle. The duration of this stage varies by strain, however most strains require approximately 3 — 8 days to complete germination. There are three key components to this stage: moisture, warmth...
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