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  1. S

    Slowlearner's First Indoor Grow - LED - Soil - Seeds

    Hi everyone, While I've grown a girl or two for personal use outdoors for awhile, the new rec law here in Maine gave me the incentive to start an indoor grow. This is a new world, and so much to learn! Any advice is more than welcome. Anyways, I have built a 6'x8" (approximate) grow...
  2. Pennywise

    A little about me

    Hello all, im 56 years old and grew my first plant in 1977 (Columbian Redbud). I live in Ohio and we're still waiting for legalization or Decrim. I usually grow 4 plants at a time using a 2' x 2' ebb and flow table and 600w HPS. Currently i have GTH #1 going. Im looking forward to exchanging...
  3. C

    Summer 16 Outdoor Grow - KK Chem GSC Biodiesel

    Been contemplating on doing his but I figured I had some pics so I might as well start my grow journal before my ladies get into full flower. I'm considering this last week week 1 of flower. I'm growing as you see in the title. GAC KK GTH Thai Lights and Chem. I'll post some pics for you all as...