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  1. Sphnx

    Sphnx's Norcal Outdoor Season

    Strains: (5) Jedi Northern Lights x Triple OG (1) Blue Dream x Triple OG Started from seed indoors. Transplanted outdoors May 19th. Soil: Worm castings, sea bird guano, carnivorous bat guano, fruit bat guano, composted chicken and cow manure, alfalfa compost, perlite, coco coir, fruit...
  2. B

    What to use and how?

    Hey everyone just curious what I should do with the following: Roots Organic Nitro Bat Guano: 9-3-1 Roots Organic Seabird Guano: 0-12-0 BioAg: TM-7 Micronutrients and Humic Acid Concentrate Sunleaves Peruvian Seabird Guano: 12-11-2 Neptune's Harvest Kelp Meal: 1-0-2 I've gone ahead...
  3. T

    With this soil recipe will I need to fertilize?

    I found this soil mixture online, and I'm wondering if and when I should fertilize with nutrients. 50% soil 20% bat guano 10% organic seafood fertilizer 5% organic mix (roots/bark/etc) Thanks.
  4. Z

    Bat guano

    Has anyone used bat guano for hydro grow?
  5. Kwsmoke

    KWsmoke's - 2010 - 100% Organic Outdoor Grow

    Whats up everybody. This journal will be for the 2010 grow season (northern hemisphere) I wanted to document my entire journey from start to finish, that means getting plenty of prep time in. I scouted out this location a few years back during a weekend hike. It's seculded enough that...
  6. fineas

    jamaican bat guano used w/floranova?

    Hi guys, I just put my large plants into 12/12 and am using GH flora nova bloom. Is using Jamaican ban guano as directed on container safe to add to the solution (all hydroponic)to enhance the blooming phase? Should this be used instead of flora nova? Would it be better for my plants to use...
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