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    Ladies pushing hard in the misty morning dew
  2. IMG_20180529_183915.jpg


    My loves
  3. IMG_20180529_183900.jpg


    White widow..filling out beautifully
  4. IMG_20180529_183908.jpg


    Bertha is a beast,lol..Started her up turn finally
  5. IMG_20180520_065103.jpg


    White Widow out door started May 11.Agressive topping yielded 8 Colas to play with instead of one
  6. Screenshot_20180518-065925.png


    Mr.Fix..auxillary bud branching,day 56
  7. 1525638525997158947785.jpg


    White widow..popped on 4-11 pinched and recovering.Small pic is Purple Haze Auto that I re rooted after decapitation..Its's ALIVE!!!
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    Lst and other techniques employed in an outdoor environment
  9. D

    Abandoned Early Season UK Outdoor Guerrilla Auto Grow

    Hello :420: !!! I want to do a full diary of a 4 plant autoflower guerrilla grow ASAP!!! I am in UK and want to see how they do early on in the year. I will germinate 4 autos, 1 each week (staggered) in my homemade, mylar, ventilated growcab under a 125W DS CFL. Starting from March 8th 2017...
  10. Tank Engine

    Guerrilla in the ranks

    Hey all, My names Tank Engine but you can all call me Tom I've been lurking about here for the better part of 8 months and have learnt a lot of information from all the seasoned vets here at 420 Magazine. I'm planning on starting my 2nd grow soon as my last plants were stolen in the midst of a...
  11. G

    Plants are dying - Need help diagnosing and treating!

    Hi guys, I have noticed some of the big fan leaves on 3 of my plants are turning yellow and look as if they are beginning to die. The colour of the plants in general has also faded to a lighter, pale green colour over the past week. I am fairly certain that this is a nitrogen deficiency, but I...
  12. MassMedMan

    Abandoned MassMedMan's Guerilla Grow

    Hello folks, It's me again, ur handy dandy gardener with a new journal. This one is going to be a guerrilla grow. I'll be starting plants in my tent, in my shed, for a couple more weeks, then I'll start the bulk outside in my greenhouse. My plan is to plant twelve autos over the course of a...
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