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  1. LiveAndLetGro

    5 Days Into Flower - 2 Females - Unknown Strains - Yield Guesstimates?

    2x600 Watt Viparspectra LED'S DWC Above ground since about 3/7/17 Switched to flower 4/16/17 GH Nutes - usually only 3/4 strength 20 gallon totes LST- no topping or fimming I know this is a ridiculously hard question to answer accurately because of how many variables there are. The...
  2. L

    Week one of flower - Advice on the stretch

    All plants are from feminized seed, 6. White widow 6. Purple kush 2. Sour diesel 1. 15% cbd "Remedy" All in 5 gal pots with a 50/50 mix of verma fire amd verma soil. Under 16, H.O. T5 bulbs and one 250watt led Using full line of 3 part emerald harvest nutes amd additives...
  3. F

    Is this a hermie?

    If so, how can I get usable seeds from these two feminized plants ? Flowers haven't opened so I guess there's no problem with my other female girls. Thanks in advance !
  4. C

    Can I get more than 2 oz off these

    Ok all these are outdoor females each between 3-3.5 foot and have vegged for 7 weeks. They are Durban poison, white lavender la cheese and casey jones. As I'm not an experienced grower I can't guesstimate a yield. Can I get 2 ounces off each. Ferting with thrive bloom and seasol and have pk...
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