1. N

    Not my first grow but I’m still learning and need some guidance

    I tried doing journals before and although I was very active, it was very easy to forget about the journal and I’m back on this amazing site once again. I’m back looking for some sort of answers or guidance to my grow but here is the details first of all….. What Strain is it? Unknown, I think...
  2. Ron Strider

    UK: Police Should Not Stop & Search When They Smell Cannabis, Says Official Guidance

    Police officers should not routinely stop and search someone simply because they smell cannabis, according to official guidance. While being caught in possession of the Class B drug can result in a five year prison sentence, police are being advised to walk away even if they strongly suspect...
  3. Advocate420

    Any ideas on this new growth?

    New growth sudden problem. Any guidance?
  4. Hypopotodog

    First grow 2x 8 Ball Kush - Need advice and tips please!

    Hello people just signed up today and super excited to mix with you all and learn some more! Basically I'm posting because I'd like reviews of my current set up so that I can improve it as much as possible. I will post some piccies at the bottom of this post for you all to see :) It's a...
  5. C

    New grower looking for some good guidance

    Hi everyone, new growing here just recently purchased a 4 by 4 tent, 4 foot 4 bulb T5 and a 600-watt VIPARSPECTRA from Amazon. My original plans were to run my T5 for my vegetation and then switch to the 600 watt LED for flower and Bloom. Well I recently came across stealth grow sg602 LED grow...
  6. OGClean

    First Grow Finished - LED Hydro Sugar Black Rose

    :welcome: I just finished my first grow and would love some guidance for my next one. I currently have a pest problem in my mother tent and could also use some advice on that which i already posted. My flowers aroma, and overall aesthetics wer fantastic the Potency wasnt bad either but my...
  7. B

    Abandoned Chemdawg Aussie Backyard Grow

    Hi all, I've got a Chemdawg seedling growing and just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. What Strain is it? CHEMDAWG Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? SATIVA DOMINANT AROUND 20% THC How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? VEGETATIVE If in Vegetative...
  8. A

    Abandoned Prep & Build Journal for Attic Indoor Grow - Using 400W HPS & Soil Medium

    Hello future friends and collaborators! I've become familiar with seeking needed information here, and excited to share my journey as I attempt my first indoor grow! Here are a few pics of the raw space I am dedicating for this adventure: Plan to have an enclosed structure...
  9. M

    guidance needed

    Im mike 19 from oklahoma i've been thinking for a while about trying to open a medical marijauna dispencery and would like to do so in Oklahoma so it wont be legal for a bit but i feel like having training and knowledge beforehand would give me a huge upper hand i am looking to practice and...
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