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  1. S

    Anxious about my first grow: Needing some guidance

    I'm hoping to make this a comprehensive guide for those living down under and are first time growers. I'm currently waiting for my seeds arrive and want to have the necessary products and set up ready to start my grow. First off I would like to thank any help given. I'm growing some...
  2. L

    The typical unknowledged first time grower - what would be most efficent?

    Hello growers I've recently had a higher and higher interrest on the growing idea. Im Gonna make a long story short, I Met and old friend from my old School, and he was going Away for some time, but had a couple plants witch he couldnt leave alone. So he asked me to take Care of them, i Said...
  3. bipolar

    Clones On Day 9

    I planted these clones on December 5th they don't have any roots yet. I am hoping they are ready to plant in a week or so. The last batch failed to grow roots. I followed this guide: How to clone in rock wool Once they are rooted can I put them in the deep water system and put them under a...
  4. B

    BoratSagdiyev - 4000W Sealed Coco

    Hello guys, I'm about to start my first coco project. I'm having the following equipment - Secret Jardin 300x150x200 5x600w with cooltubes and adjust-a-wing reflectors. ventilated outside of tent Twin controller for humidity, temperature and neg pressure Planning to set 20 Dinafem Moby Dick...
  5. P

    MH wattage guide per plant

    I've been trying to get a straight answer to a simple question for a few weeks but everywhere I've looked the answers are argumentative or not addressing the question. Here it is: *as a general rule* how many watts per plant when using an MH bulb? I don't want watts per square foot. I...
  6. farside05

    Step By Step Blueberry & Northern Lights Autos By Farside

    Welcome to my journal. I'm just getting back into the swing of things so I though I'd create a new journal from the ground up. I hope to document every step along the way, from seeds in packages, sprouting, transplanting, tent setup, training to harvest. So lets jump in:
  7. B

    Step-by-Step Guide to making your own shopping list!

    Hi all! I am a rather new member but I have spent the last month-ish mainly lurking around here and reddit, as well as some other grow forum/sites as well. I was completely new to growing and building in the start. So for some reason, I decided to write a guide to help myself understand and now...
  8. D

    Grow journal

    I would like to start a grow journal but I ain't quite sure how to do it so could someone please guide me through and explain all the basics eg; uploading pictures/ many thanks
  9. D

    Troubles uploading pictures for my journal

    Hey all. For some reason I cant get my photos uploaded. I have read the guide multiple times and have figured out that the button for selecting my photos is not there like it shows in the guide. No button on the upload page that says "select photos to upload" .. I am totally lost, have never...
  10. J

    Advanced LED 2014 Grow Guide in PDF format needed

    Does anyone out there happen to have the 2014 Grow Guide that is supposed to come with the lights? I ordered the 650 xml and just starting on my first grow. If I had more experience, I could figure it out myself. In my case it's like having any piece of electrical equipment without an...
  11. J

    Beginner's Grow Guide

    Grow #1B This is my first grow. I will eventually begin growing hydroponically, but for now, here is a guide to help you on your first grow. Growing these plants is a lot like raising a child. If you don't have kids, buy more condoms. That was a joke, don't get butt hurt. On my first grow...
  12. H

    Determination Of The Setup

    :welcome: Hi there guys, I am a decently new grower! I had a small ghetto grow which I had transplanted into the woods. It reached 5ft before being cut down and a red tape flag around the base (I abandoned quickly). I have a full basement at my palms the fact of not having cash to invest is a...
  13. S

    Multi-Strain Grow - 1st time - Need HELP!

    Medium: 5 Gallon Pots with Lakeland Mills Pre Flower: Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow Veg 3-2-4 Post Flower: Soul Synthetics Bloom 1.5-4.5-3 Room Size: 8.5 x 14.5 Lighting: 3 x 1K HPS Water: pH is always balanced. No hard water issues (or the like) Issue: Multiple strains I have never...
  14. Tiger Balm

    Cannabis Strain ID Thread

    Hello, 420Magazine readers, This thread is for us to post pictures of known strains in order to form a guide for the identification of mystery strains or bagseed. Here are examples of Satori from Mandala (see sponsor dope-seeds, and others). seedlings:
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