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  1. M

    Greetings from Cape Town

    Greetings all!! I have a bunch of seeds en route to me from the Netherlands, i will be needing some guidance of actually growing them.. Indoor & outdoor autoflowering seeds... A guide would be appreciated.. Also, stoner buddies from Pinelands? I am new here, in the retirement village...
  2. Ron Strider

    Australian Government Launches New Medical Cannabis Guidelines

    Australian doctors have been given official guidelines on how effective medical cannabis is for treating patients with chronic pain and epilepsy. New guidelines released today also provide advice about whether patients with multiple sclerosis or chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting could...
  3. Ron Strider

    Canada: Lowering Health Risks Of Cannabis Use With New Public Health Guidelines

    Canada's Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines, released with the endorsement of key medical and public health organizations, provide 10 science-based recommendations to enable cannabis users to reduce their health risks. The guidelines, based on a scientific review by an international team of...
  4. K

    Oregon Issues Doctor Guidelines On Medical Marijuana

    Portland, Ore. - Physicians should provide medical marijuana patients a level of care that, at minimum, includes a full evaluation, treatment and follow-up plan, with documentation in the patient's medical record, when recommending the drug's use, according to a new Oregon Health Authority...
  5. R

    New Zealand Medical Cannabis Guidelines To Be Reviewed

    Officials from the Ministry of Health have been asked to take another look at the guidelines for considering medical cannabis applications. Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has asked officials to take another look at its guidelines for considering medical cannabis applications. The...