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    The stuff!
  2. mixit.jpg


    Mix it up!
  3. blooming.jpg


    Blooming the gelatin!
  4. slowmelt.jpg


    Slow melt over some simmering water!
  5. readytogo.jpg


    Ready set...go!
  6. timetochill.jpg


    Ready for the fridge!
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    Dino gummies! Awe! Aren't they cute!
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    Gummies R Us

    Just Started making my own Gummies @ home, Thanks to 420 Magazine I have the recipe just right mmm mmm mmm wowzerz
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    i made gummies from coconut oil and put them in the freezer for 20min and then transferred them to the fridge for about 30 more! when they were in gummy form they left a white residue on the top (which i believe was the coco oil separating from the water/jello mix! what can i do to not have it...
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    Gummies Replace Chocolate As Leading Edible In Colorado

    Gummies have gotten sticky in the marijuana market, replacing chocolate as the top-selling cannabis candy. According to a study by BDS Analytics, infused chocolate bars dominated the marketplace in 2015. That year, chocolate bars outsold all other cannabis products by almost 50 percent...