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  1. Tead

    Opinions regarding site redesign?

    Is there a place for discussion regarding the re-design? I'm an opinionated kinda guy!
  2. R

    New guy - Old grower

    ......want to say Hello, and peace to everyone at the 420 forum......new guy here, looking for info and looking to share my experience with growing. Diagnosed with Parkinsons,...it put me in a wheel chair, and took all my freedom....but with the right strains.......Im walking talking and living...
  3. M

    Old guy here! Just joined up!

    This is my first post/comment...Great site and want to say thanks for all the help you people put out there.OK then,LED'S,they do work,beyond what I thought they would do....back in the 80's we had and still do MH and HPS.I've been out of the field for a long while, 27 years[divorce,other...
  4. G

    New guy

    Hey wassup my name is Kevin and I am new to this forum I been growin for awhile got in a few experience from a friend and cultivated some fire and some bad. As of right now I'm doin some gh and will do a journal on it so you guy can see it a pretty sweet layout. I was also interested in some...
  5. D

    Chronic Haze

    Just wanted to show a couple of main colas from my chronic haze grown in 3 gallon cloth pots with regular potting mix with 30% perlite. I'm a hydro guy myself but figured I give dirt a try. Cheers
  6. B

    New Guy

    Chur from New Zealand, wassupp
  7. S

    New guy - Old guy

    Howya folks. Joined a couple days ago as I'm approaching the harvest of my first effort outside. Just trying to figure it all out in order not to ruin a nice result.
  8. Jackalope

    Double Sour Purple Kush

    Looking to see if anyone over Nevada way that might have some info on Double Sour Purple Kush. It is supposed to have been bred by the guy that did Las Vegas Purple Kush. Just a really sour pheno. I have heard of the guy before but forget his handle. These seeds were supposed to be from him...
  9. Bigjake8

    Mesh pots

    Ok this is gonna sound dumb but here I am I just starting my first rock wool grow and found some mesh pots guy said works real good with rock wool but I'm thinking I need to set them in another pot to protect the roots am I right he made it sound like that's all I needed he was a new guy so i...
  10. G

    Could this little guy be saved?

    This is my first grow attempt, and it's only the middle of second week since it sprouted. Thought I'd done enough theory and decided to finally give it a try with a white widow seed someone gave me to practice. Everything seemed fine, seed germinated in like 3 days with a wet towel and I...
  11. Advocate420

    Name a bug

    What's this little guy? 60x things are tiny Not on plant or leaves only on soil Nothing flying Do not go on sticky aphid traps No jumping. I'm assuming some sort of soil mite. Thing looks like a tick. Are they beneficial? Bagged soil, hepa filtered intake, no interaction with other...
  12. F

    First time grower - Many questions - Here are the first

    Pix of grow space to come... I've been around a couple weeks now, and I have a shit-ton of questions because I've never done this before. 1. I'm in the SF Bay Area. I've checked local ordinances regarding growing and there are no local ordinances (I'm in a non-incorporated area near...
  13. B

    New guy

  14. E

    New guy

    Please tips for buying led flowing lighting. 100$ budget and limited space. Using 1 2tube t8 ballast with 6500k bulbs. And 2 kyson full band led grow bulbs. Total watts for the leds is 48 and the florescent adds up to 32 watts. First timer inside so any tips will help
  15. sidney420

    New Guy - First Grow - Auto Jack

    Hi. Im am sidney 30 years and new to growing, and from an earlyer post i would like to continue here as a journal. Since its my first grow i hope the more wise can see if my plant is healthy. Its an autoflower jack Its in light breatheble soil from a garden shop, no idea what nutrients inside...
  16. P

    Hello all

    New guy from portland oregon
  17. R

    New guy

    I'm new here and on my first grow 100% outside any tips
  18. Richard Richardson

    Juicer Guy Gets High On Juiced Cannabis?

    Crazy Juicer Guy John Collier FTW :cheer2: Happy 4/20 and :thankyou: Crazy Juicer Guy :circle-of-love: [video]
  19. T

    Supplementing T5 with LED?

    So I have a 8x4ft t5 fixture and I have heard that supplementing 460nm does some science in the plant during veg and is good, I'm reef guy so I just happened to have a 4 ft led strip in 460nm so I have been giving my plants a 30 min sunrise/sunset plus all day supplementation with the 460 and my...