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  1. smoove

    More Buckets! 1000W GWS

    so i am catching ya'll up a little late, but better than never. ok, so over the last year i have lent a couple kiefed-out hands to a good friend(i'll let you figure out who), who just finished their most recent project. helping and learning every step of the way, now it's time for me to get...
  2. I

    iGROW's First Grow GH Waterfarm Great White Shark

    :welcome: So this is my first grow, im doing it in a closet about 14 cubic feet. I also took the door off and put a tapestry over it to allow for proper ventilation. Here are the specification for my grow RoorRip Strain - Great White Shark # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Hydro Setup -...
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