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  1. Th34v4t4r

    Th34v4t4r's DIY Perpetual Octopot With Scrog

    Hey guys, I think I'm ready and set for a new journal, as we are about to start a new journey. The last grow was a long and bountiful one. I got around 12ounce off of 2 plants. Now we are going for 4x that.. I'm undecided of whether to go 3 plants or just keep 2. It's part of the plan we've...
  2. H

    Please Help, Root Rot!

    I've got a few critical widow clones in a 2 gallon black tub with a Hydrofarm AAPA15L 6-Watt 15-LPM air pump. I'm using 1 part veg GH, a tablespoon of Growzyme ( since I couldn't get hydroguard) and I've been putting in about 1 cap of 3% h2O2 daily. The water temps usually range from 65-71°. The...
  3. Th34v4t4r

    Th34v4t4r's D.I.Y. Octopot Shananingans

    Hi guys. I've had 2 journals so far. The 1st wasn't great and the 2nd died a death.. I'm up and running again though with more leds and more plants and more determination. I have 1x 300w and 1 x 600w viperspectra leds I'm grow sensi seed from the seed. I terminated 5 and have 3 left.. out of...
  4. vyserage

    Soon to be RDWC - How do I use these 3 preventatives?

    Hydroguard, H202 and Dutch Master Gold Zone. I know hydroguard i would use every time i water (i believe) but would it be wrong to also mix in h202 + Zone or a mix of either? I need known facts from you who have been doing this or similar! Its hard wrapping my head around all the info out...
  5. P

    Thoughts about using H202?

    I started a grow from clone about 5 weeks ago...just a single plant. 18hours light using HPS (1000w) a day. Hydroton media I've been using FoxFarm Nutrients and they've worked well for me...or at least well enough. I usually use Silica as well during the vegetative stage. I've read good...
  6. M

    Help! Any way of saving moldy weed?

    i harvested last week and it dried out faster than i would have liked so i trimmed it and put it in jars about 4 or 5 days ago. i woke up this morning and checked my nugs and i have mold. i saw a video of jorge cervantes where he was washing off powdery mildew with some water and h202. so...
  7. D

    Leaf discoloration - What deficiency is this?

    My Black Indica clone was doing superb until 2 weeks ago. A slight discoloration began at the lowest part of the stem leaves. I watched to see if it would go away and keep an eye on my feed/nutes and watering. I did overwater it once, and also used some Hydrogen Peroxide to aerate the soil a...
  8. G

    RDWC - Advice Welcome!

    i've tried pm'ing you but can't so here goes... hi village idiot. i've been following your posts a lot and i have a lot of respect for you... i need your help mate big time if you don't mind; let me give you some background... my setup consists of 3 grow rooms. each is a closed room and...
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