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  1. F

    Help me clearing the myth of chlorine in tap water and how bad it is?

    It was my understanding that it is bad, in particular if you're growing "organically" to use fresh tap water that contains chlorine (or chloramine). If you look around, you will come across countless posts where people recommend to keep water sitting out for 24hrs to let the chlorine evaporate...
  2. FedLagNoMoe

    Cleaning seeds?

    I've seeded a few plants outdoors and was wondering if there's a good way to clean seeds before storage. I was thinking of swirling them around in diluted H2O2 or 70% alcohol for a minute or so, then dry. Any thoughts?
  3. Jacobsenji

    What's the deal with H2O2?

    What's going on with this hydrogen peroxide deal ? I am on my first indoor project. LEDs, soil, and a whole lotta love. I have read a bit about H2o2 and am curious about my peers experiences with it. Thank you all and happy grows.
  4. Love1Fear

    How to KILL MOLD on roots

    I have 6 plants started from seed on fathers day (june 20th i believe). The res temp was in the 80-82 temp since day 1, and today i noticed curling leafs and yellowing to drying out crunchy leafs (i was baffled for a week on it). I now see the white mold on the roots that are exposed to res...
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