hair drug test

  1. Y

    Summer Drug Test: Hair Follicle Test

    Hi, I am graduating this May and have been connected to a great company through a professor who used to work there. The professor told me the company does Hair Follicle Drug Tests. I have been smoking weed regularly since November of 2019. I stopped smoking March 27th, (a few days ago.) The...
  2. J

    Hair follicle drug test

    Took a few hits off a cone yesterday and got a hair follicle drug test today. I've done my research and i think i should be able to pass it. I'm just really nervous
  3. N

    I passed my Psychemedics Hair Follicle Test with 24 hours notice!

    Hello all, I am a 5'3 105 lb Southeast Asian female in her early 20's (Very healthy, dark brown/black straight hair) who was expecting a urine test for a pre-employment drug screen but was notified that it was a hair sample test and that I had to either take it that very same day or the next day...
  4. S

    The Hair Test

    Long story short, I was court ordered to take the near impassible hair follicle test, along with urine, nails and saliva, because my daughter's sperm donor is a waste of human flesh. I had less than 5 days. I have my medical card, but this judge HATES pot. Naturally, I furiously scoured the...
  5. L

    I passed the Psychemedics Hair Follicle Drug test with 6 days clean

    Normally if I am looking for a new job I will stop smoking for at least 30 days prior to applying just to avoid the headache of worrying about having to pass a test. I smoke daily, 2-3 hits from the bowl in the evenings, sometimes a couple of more than that on the weekends. I am not a wake and...
  6. E

    Folli-Kleen Hair Test

    Good Afternoon everyone. I used to be a heavy smoker for about 3 years. After moving to Indianapolis, IN at the end of 2013 I have drastically cut back. I miss it, but I need to get a real job and utilize my degree that I worked so hard for. Since moving here, I smoked around Christmas (I...
  7. natureswindow

    Hair drug test

    I am going to take a hair drug test for a job, I have not smoked in two years. 3 days ago I took hemp oil orally but only the size of a grain of rice. Does anybody know if this is enough to fail a drug test? and if it is, what methods are out there to pass the test?
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