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hair follicle drug test

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    Hair follicle drug test

    Took a few hits off a cone yesterday and got a hair follicle drug test today. I've done my research and i think i should be able to pass it. I'm just really nervous
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    Pre-employment Hair Follicle Drug Test: Help

    If this isn't the right place to pay this please direct me to where I should post this please... So I have to take a pre-employment hair follicle test. I stopped smoking about 1 month ago... I'm female, with hair down to my back, over weight (220lbs, 5'8"), I do drink water daily, and a daily...
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    Oh so curious?

    Very very light user, last use was one hit from a vape pen a month ago, time before that was one hit in august and before that last use was June wondering if I cut, dye, then relax my hair would I stand a chance of passing hair test in the next week or two?