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    I passed my Psychemedics Hair Follicle Test with 24 hours notice!!!

    Hello all, I am a 5'3 105 lb Southeast Asian female in her early 20's (Very healthy, dark brown/black straight hair) who was expecting a urine test for a pre-employment drug screen but was notified that it was a hair sample test and that I had to either take it that very same day or the next day...
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    The Hair Test

    Long story short, I was court ordered to take the near impassible hair follicle test, along with urine, nails and saliva, because my daughter's sperm donor is a waste of human flesh. I had less than 5 days. I have my medical card, but this judge HATES pot. Naturally, I furiously scoured the...
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    Hair test coming up around 25th... need advice

    I had not smoked pot since feb. 2nd. I know the hair test goes back three months, but I slipped on on Cinco De Mayo and smoked about 3-4 weak resin hits out of a bowl. Do you think it will show up in my hair test? I have some Test-In shampoo, and am going to get another kind too. Does anyone...
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