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    What's your crazy story?

    How have you other stoners dealt with drug tests for work etc?? Here's my story: As a heavy guy and a heavy toker I didn't have the time to wait for my system to cleanse and used U-pass Synthetic Urine to fake it. I crotched the fake piss bottle in my boxers and kept it warm with the little...
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    Pre-employment Hair Follicle Drug Test: Help

    If this isn't the right place to pay this please direct me to where I should post this please... So I have to take a pre-employment hair follicle test. I stopped smoking about 1 month ago... I'm female, with hair down to my back, over weight (220lbs, 5'8"), I do drink water daily, and a daily...
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    Need to pass hair folical test for meth weed and opiates. Not heavy user but quarter once a week. Pls help!!!
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    Hair test tomorrow - Please help me - This stress!

    Help needed. I am not a frequent pot smoker. I have researched this so much it is almost embarrassing. Before April 4 I didn't smoke pot for 6 months and that was one time, about 3 drags. so yes, rarely. So on April 4 i did take take about four hits off a joint and now i am going in for a...
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    My Experience With The Hair Follicle Test - Passed

    Hello friends!! So I've been searching these forums for a little over a month now trying to gather enough knowledge to successfully pass a hair follicle test for a job I really wanted. I promised to pass along the good vibes if I was successful in my hair follicle journey so I will tell you...
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    Need to test ASAP - What's the best option?

    I luv this site! Been creeping for years. Never joined. But i did today. Here's my dilemma: I'm 28. 167 lbs at 5ft 5inch. Black female. Smoking everyday since 18. First corporate job at 20. Used a friend's pee in my underwear. Passed. There four years. Next two jobs no test. So 05/2015...
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    Please help

    Infrequent user here- maybe 4-5 times in the past three months. First urine drug test was diluted so had to submit more urine and hair. Been clean 35-40 days. Chances I'll fail? Did the vinegar, salicylic acid and detergent stripping method before the test. Really freaking out here. And worried...
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    The Hair Test

    Long story short, I was court ordered to take the near impassible hair follicle test, along with urine, nails and saliva, because my daughter's sperm donor is a waste of human flesh. I had less than 5 days. I have my medical card, but this judge HATES pot. Naturally, I furiously scoured the...
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    Help me pass a hair test please

    I just found out I have a hair test in 2 weeks. I haven't smoked "heavy" for about for about 6 weeks. Although, I smoked two days ago at a party, before that I hadn't smoked for a week, before that it was two weeks. I don't plan on smoking anymore, so is there anything I can do for the next...
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    Hair Test Newbie Need Help!

    Hello Everyone, This is my first forum post so please be kind. I've come asking for help I am starting a job in early June. I a lady smoker who smokes nice stuff multiple times a day. I am fairly sure I am going to be hair tested. So I'm asking for advice. I have long hair and was wondering...
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    Armpit test need help

    I know i am going to have to do an hair test and i don't really smoke but i did one nite about 2 months ago(first time in three years) and the test is probably going to be in the next couple of weeks. Just wanna know if i f$$ked myself :thankyou:
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    Hair Test Questions

    I recently got busted and have a court hearing the day before 4-20 (some timing, huh?). I smoked almost everyday prior to this event and I was wondering a couple things: How long should I grow out my hair if I've been sober for about two weeks before I shave it (I do plan on shaving it, so...
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