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  1. J

    Do these look like hermies to y'all?

    i'm not so sure, cuz these balls still got hairs. what you guys think?
  2. D

    Question about hermaphrodite & update

    So my plant i named double dragon because it topped itself from seedling turned out to be male..it has plenty of healthy pollen sacks and now its showing female hairs in some spots........before i noticed the hairs i was planning on collecting pollen and saving it to use on a female so i can try...
  3. M

    Is my plant ready to harvest or give it another week?

    Hey guys! I am into day 65 of my black cream autoflowers. I have got 4 of them. I grew them under a 400 watt hps growlight. And then switched to a 600 watt flowering light 1 of them is bigger then the others and has the whitest hairs. I grew them in coco with perlite. And used pokon...
  4. D

    Fabric Pots! Don't buy! Read my reason!

    Okay before people who use these get upset hear me out . I recently bought 10 tan VIVOSUN fabric tan pots and my plants have grown nicely. Here the issue .... the fabric pots shed those hairs and end up on all the buds . It pisses me off when I take a peek at my trichomes and I see are those...
  5. Jackalope

    Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush

    They say it is supposed to finish around 50 days. This is day 72. Covered in white hairs and still going strong. Not to much of a big deal. I have a Malawi that needs a lot more time too. 1 Hindu is starting to show some red hairs and is bulking up. Can't wait to see this bud when it is bulked...
  6. S

    Does this look like mold or just stem hairs?

    I broke open a really dry nug i found in a container i had forgotten about for a while, when i broke it open it looked like a small bit of "dust" came off of it.. i decided that it was probably just the trichomes from being so dry.. but I looked and say these fuzzy white hairs right where a tiny...
  7. O

    Need I be worried?

    Sup 420 Got a question for ya'll. Right where the hairs come out to let you know if it's female or male, I have something that looks like a nanner trying to form. There's 2 hairs coming out, but I'm just a little nervous. Looking for a 100% spot on answer to this question, but i'll hear all...
  8. C

    First grow! Confused

    Hey all... I'm growing 5 Jack Herer plants and I started all of them in the middle of May outside. Right now, they are getting thick top buds and getting the hairs all over... I'm quite excited, but I am worried I have no clue when the right time to harvest is! Around half of the tips of the...
  9. P

    White Hairs late in flower something to worry about or ok?

    I have a grow going on now that is on day 79 of flower and about 2 weeks ago all my plants started shooting out massive amounts of white hairs. My question is will they develop fully and properly? and is this something that is normal for plants to go into a second sprouting of white hairs? This...
  10. T

    Is this ready for harvest?

    Are these top buds ready for harvest? The hairs are orange and no longer white.
  11. G

    Hope it's a female

    Are these the two white hairs that I should be looking for.
  12. B

    Hairs turning color - When should I flush?

    Okay do today my partner came over and saw the hairs are starting to brown. He said the main cola is about sixty percent Browns some or ten percent brown on other sees but all around he says that in all the plant only about five percent of the total hairs on the plant have changed color and he's...
  13. J

    Speed up ripening?

    Hi I have a Blue Dynamite in flowering start of week 6, on 12/12. Due to a dry spell and being poor I might have to harvest early. Looking for ways to ripen my buds faster. Right now she only has one or two red hairs, one or two more ambering, but definitely 99% white hairs. Lots of...
  14. P

    Is it normal for white hairs to turn orange from nutrient burn ?

    My early miss auto is 38 days old above soil and i ran in to a few problems. It had to recover from over watering 2 times and most recently nutrient burn. A few of the white hairs turned orange is this from the nutrient burn or from bud development ?
  15. L

    Harvesting an auto question?

    Do you harvest when the top buds are ready even if the bottom are still just white hairs? Or wait till the bottom hairs go orange and fill out the whole plant?
  16. M

    Is she old? I can't tell whether to harvest or not

    The trichomes seem to be cloudy and very few amberish but when I look at the hairs on the plant they're all brown, I can't find any white hairs. Also the plants leaves are yellowing, should I harvest now or should I keep flowering? Strain is unknown (bag seed), it sprouted in mid June...
  17. T

    Need some help identifying sex

    so this is my first grow. I'm working with nirvana autoflower feminzed seeds. Ive read that fems can still turn herm or male. what confuses me is this looks like a male but there are white hairs coming out of the one sac. what do you think?
  18. C

    Bud hairs burning/turning brown

    Okay. At a bout 8 weeks (4 weeks into flower) the hairs on my White Widow plant are turning brown/burnt looking. Planning on going for 10-11 weeks tops. Wondering if this is normal. It seems to be on the tops of the buds only. Using roots organic soil. Last transplant was a week before...