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  1. S

    G'day fellow enthusiasts! I seek guidance!

    G'day gentlemen! Thinking of finally starting my own grow-box. Please advise me on this. My primary questions are: is the heat from the LED gonna be an issue in this small, hermetic environment, is the light sufficient and will it produce a min of 50gr/4plants/3months. Setup: 45cm x 45cm x...
  2. S

    Hello from Wales!

    ...and if you are already in Wales, Croeso! I'm a recent convert to the cause of hemp. I first met it in a greenhouse in 1969 as a student of plant biology, and have mostly ignored it since. Now in "retirement" I can give it the time it deserves by growing a legal low-THC outdoor crop...
  3. G

    Nutrient burn or PK deficiency?

    hello im having some problems with some of the plants in my garden. Im into the second week of flowering growing in soil. Since the beginning of flowering some of the leaves in the middle of the plant (mainly the fan leaves) started yellowing, showing some brown spots and dying. This problem...
  4. T

    New Grower from Ontario

    Greetings from Ontario, Canada... Not such a great growing season this year, lots of rain and cloudy days. Below normal temperatures for this time of year too. I have been gardening since I was old enough my Dad put a shovel in my hand. Flowers and Vegetables. Where ever there was opportunity...
  5. M

    Please help - I have some type of bugs or mites

    Hello everyone first I'll give a background on what I got. Have about 13 plants going outside. half are about 9 weeks old the other half about 7weeks. All of them bought as clones. About 1 week an half ago I started noticing black spots. Looked it up and thought spider mites? Got some sns 217...
  6. G

    I received some bud as a gift & I don't really know if it's ok to smoke

    I received some bud as a gift and i dont really know if its ok to smoke. Half of the 2g present has a nice green colour and the other half is light brownish with yellowish leafes with little green. It smells just like the other half, not rotten or anything, has visible trichomes and is very...
  7. F


    Need some help with seedlings. I soak the seeds in water, then the paper towel. Once th tap root is about at least a half inch I put them in small peat pots, but I'm loosing more then half of them before they sprout. What am I doing wrong? what's the best way to get them going? Thanks
  8. S

    Check out my 9 and a half foot sativas

    Check them out
  9. Jorgie Nuggz

    Newb looking for knowledge

    Can someone tell me why some growers will cut the tip or half of single blade on a fan leaf? :thanks:
  10. C

    Droopy foliage with dark spots

    Soil Grow Strain - Pineapple Express 1 Ayahuaska Purple 5 White Widow 2 Jack Herer 1 seedsman skunk 1 # of Plants - 10 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - VEG Setup - 10 peat pots half clay half soil peat plugs sitting in...
  11. D

    Help! I totally messed up! Broken plant

    Yeah I'm so stupid !!! I tied down my plant (Blueberry Auto)nice and easy . Well I guess the bending was too much for my girl and 100 percent snapped in half . Clean break totally off . I'm so pissed ! I tried to tape it back on . But you can see instantly in a snap of my fingers that broken...
  12. The Germinator

    Should I dilute?

    So today I put the flora trio nutes into My two five gal buckets. I mis calculated putting the recommended in. I meant to go half. The roots arent out of the basket yet. My ppm is 400... too high? Ty.
  13. X

    Need Help With Flushing Question

    If I need to flush to save a plants potential yield in flowering can I do so if the soil is moist from yesterdays feeding? Strain Incredible Bulk Auto 600w hps 4 Gallon pot my medium is : half fox farm ocean forest mixed with half pro mix BX, and also mixed with some extra perlite
  14. The Germinator

    Nitro burn?

    This didn't happen till I watered with 1ml of each flora trio in a half gallon of water. That was below the recommended. They're under a mh 600 watt lamp. Temp 75-81. I moved the light from bout two feet to two and a half feet. It's just regular potting soil. Not self feeding type. The plant is...
  15. H

    6 plant tote - 3 plants with stunted growth - Possible causes to affect only some?

    Hey guys, I am at a loss here. I have no idea what is happening to a few of my plants. This is my 3rd grow, each time I've used aeroponics. I have had the clones for a week and a half, every plant inside the same plastic tote, a total of 6. 3 of the plants are stunted. I also have 1 with a dried...
  16. T

    Re potting - Do I or Don't I?

    Hi folks, :Namaste: I'm on my first grow at the moment about half way through growing a packet of 10 buddha assorted auto mix, and have a quick question about whether i should re-pot most of them? I would say half the plants are early flowering and the other half a few days away from starting...
  17. cannilingus

    Was gifted a bag of earthworm castings.

    I run hp soiless. i have used foxrfarms kangaroots, and recently sweet and dandy, to encourage mycortizae grouth. Yesterday, i was doing some transplanting, (five dimafem o.g kush, and some rooted god bud clones). i added a half cup or so, to the four gallon pots, and, half that, to the one...
  18. K

    Millennials, Democrats Favor Legalizing Marijuana, According To Research

    Boston - More than half of American adults favor legalizing marijuana, according to data published earlier this month by Pew Research. Half of the states in the nation already have some kind of legalized pot and residents of nine states will be voting on measures to establish or expand legalized...
  19. M

    Need some advice - Finishing up on my first grow

    I'm wrapping up my first ever grow and I have a question, how much longer do you think I should give her? It's been 4 days since the photo. Big Bertha entered flowering August 1st and started showing bud sites august 8th. The seed bank says 7 to 8 weeks so right now we are at 7 weeks or 8...