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  1. Ron Strider

    UK: Merchant Seaman Started Growing Cannabis After Suffering Hand Injury At Work

    A merchant seaman who suffered a serious hand injury while hauling in an anchor grew cannabis to help cope with the pain. Stuart Dooley was caught growing the drug in three different rooms of a house he rented in Brixham after police were called to a minor disturbance at the address. The...
  2. S

    Almost got the perfect growing enviroment

    Hello everyone I have one last problem if someone could please help me..i know 27C is considered good and anything above 85F is too hot....my tent is 27C but 16 inches under my grow light is 30C or 30.5C ..although it's 30C under my light I can hold my hand there without feeling my hand...
  3. coralman

    Barneys Farm?

    So what are peoples experiences with barneys farm? hear so many people on forums slating them cos of hermies, too many phenos etc... but on the other hand they win awards all the time. Is it a case of a bad workman blames his tools. Any first hand experience, i have 6 critical kush in flower...
  4. MedicalMonstr

    DP Blueberry showing a lot of amber & clearness - It's not dense nor large - 1000w

    So as the title states I have a 1000 watts on a DP Blueberry. 45 days veg. 60 days into flower. Here is the trichs and photo from today. I can put my hand around a cola. Am i expecting too much or is this normal for BB?
  5. Colesdad

    Temp controlled hand held vaporizer?

    First, in a rookie, so this may be a weird question. I know there is a table top version of the volcano that allows you to adjust temp. It's there a hand held, portable version of something similar? My friend tells me vape pen, the liquid refillable type, can be adjusted for the heat/impact of a...
  6. Curly Beaver

    Can you help a blind guy choose a vape?

    If you are knowledgeable about vapes please visit this thread and give Gramps a hand choosing a vape. He is blind so it needs to be pretty simple to operate. Visit his thread here: New to all this Thank you. :thanks:
  7. M

    Confused - Please advise

    Hi, im curently in 8 weeks flower but doesnt seem to much buds? Very leafy also? I have photos but cant attach for some reason?(advise doing that would be great) Im using a 1000w led in canna coco and hand watering every 3rd day as every puts my humidty though the roof.im also following cannas...