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  1. I

    100% germination

    everyone always bitches when things dont go well so i do the opposite. i wet 8 seeds and theyve all popped in 24 hours. ive never done this either so even at the hands of a moron i had success. i will use GYO again soon
  2. S

    Quick & efficient hand wash after manicure with simple cooking oil!

    Hello, if you manucure by hand without gloves, you probably experienced the sticky fingers, when you can't do anything anymore because tools and stuff are glued to your fingers :-) And when you are done, you must wash you hands anyway! and soap and dish wahsing liquid won't work. And you don't...
  3. mouser

    Painful hands

    Hello all. I repair commercial laundry equipment for a living. Lots of heavy lifting, banging on stuff with a big hammer (missing said stuff and hitting my hands on occasion) Lately my hands have started to hurt...all the time. I know I should probably go to the walk-in and have them looked...
  4. B

    Emergency nutes!

    Hey guys... Can someone please have a look at these neuts and tell me if it will work ? The plant is already about 2 weeks old. It is literally the only stuff I can get my hands on at the moment. Hortimix Nutrient A - Online Hydroponics Shop Hortimix Nutrient B - Online Hydroponics...