1. G

    Need advice about drying bud

    Hi everybody! So I'll start off by saying I'm about to cut down and harvest my first grow ever in a couple days and I'm not quite sure the best method for drying the buds. I know you're supposed to hang them upside down in complete darkness but I've been reading a lot of different ways...
  2. B

    Problems drying & curing my bud

    Hello! I am having issues drying/curing my buds. I harvested tuesday 1/8, let them hang dry for pretty much 3 days 12hrs, they felt dry to the touch. I decided to only let them hang for 3 days 12hrs due to lower humudity + size of the plants. I rolled up a joint that day with the hang dried herb...
  3. Oful33

    300w MARS LED, how far from tops during flowering?

    Hello :welcome: I'm growing using 300w MARS LED, keeping it at 8", everything seems fine (other than she's growing slower than expected), no light burn or anything, dark green healty leaves. But I'm a little concerned, isn't this a little bit too close? I could only hang the light ether at...
  4. Vestrimatrik

    DIY LED - Anyone have any idea of a safe way to hang?

    I built this monster, its 3'×3' and weighs about 70lbs. Does anyone know of a surefire way to hang it safely above my plants. I don't even know if it's safe to hang in a gorilla tent. Currently I have it strung up with 14g stranded wire soldered together at the ends but I don't trust it. Also...
  5. J

    Quick harvest question

    When harvesting, what is your preferred method?.. To cut the individual buds from stems and dry on a screen or take the whole stem and hang dry it?? On my last harvest I cut the individual buds and screen dried them but I didn't know if it was easier to hang to whole harvest and trim when dried...
  6. M

    First time drying, need some advise!

    So this is my first time growing, it came out a lot nicer than I thought though:thumb: Now for drying I was thinking of building a box out of cedar wood and hanging the plants inside there. I have read a lot about people laying down their plants and buds in a cedar box but haven't found anything...
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