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  1. Grow room light chains 4

    Grow room light chains 4

    Chains fitted
  2. Grow room light chains 3

    Grow room light chains 3

    Chains fitted
  3. D

    Emergency harvest - Help needed

    Hi. I'm new to this and this is my first grow. A single plant and I don't know what it is as I had a few seeds and this is the only survivor. Plant was doing well but weeks ago I had to move it out of the house and left it in the care of a 77 year old relative who sadly over watered and over...
  4. B

    Hanging the in-line fan

    I have my in-line fan hanging with zip ties I was wondering if any of you fine people could share how are you have done it I don't like the zip ties it just doesn't feel right so I'm trying to find another way to do it
  5. Chris Scorpio

    1st harvest & cure in the desert - I'd love some help please

    Ill have my 1st Partial Harvest in about a week so could really use some guidance Its gunna be 103-110 deg outside and RH at about 15-20%. Inside it is usually around 77-79 deg durring the day and I go down to 76 at night. I was planning on hanging them in a bathroom that isnt used. I can...
  6. F

    Hello Friends

    How's it going everyone! I have been a long time lurker of this forum and many other similar ones and finally thought I should make an account. I am a medical marijuana patient in California and found this website as a good resource to help me educate family and loved ones on my self medication...
  7. J

    Inline Fan - Carbon Filter Setup Help

    Hey guys so I just got my new grow tent package...Im having difficulty connecting the fan to the filter..The filters size seems to be slightly big for the clamp to lock it onto the fan...Also having issues on hanging the fan...Any thoughts? I have the filter hanging in the top right corner...
  8. R

    LED Light Setup?

    I have three LED lights, two 300w and one 600w. Am I correct by hanging them so they overlap in coverage with the one 600w in the center hanging slightly higher to compensate for the increased wattage? This will be my first grow not using auto-flower varieties. Sorry if this question has been...
  9. J

    600W LED - Seedling advice

    Hello Community - I know this topic has been posted before but the messages are so mixed about how far to hang these LED lights. I hope we can get some answers that a definite and clear for the best growth. How close do I hang this light??? Mine sprouted close to a week back and while the first...
  10. Tris420

    Hanging Distance 6x23Watt CFL 6400K

    Hey 420 Friends ! I guess the Title says it all :) Whats the Hanging Distance for CFLs in my Veg Room ? Thanks in advance !!