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  1. C

    Has anyone ever seen this before?

    Hi all does anyone know what's happening here?
  2. MadHatterJack

    Any idea what causes this discoloration?

    I have never feed them anything more than some root enhancer as I have transplanted them into new soil almost two weeks ago. So do for a feeding but this is happening to all my plants and I am careful not to get them wet or anything. I checked for bugs with a magnifying glass and nothing to be...
  3. maddscientist


    What looks like rust spots all over my leaves just started happening this week anyone else ever come across this problem
  4. potanna

    10 days still waiting

    so guys, 10 days ago i put in soil a seed i bought and still it hasnt grown... the setup is a 6400 white lamb on 12/12. I dont know why this is happening. Could it be that i left the seed for 2 weeks in a plastic bag instead of another store place? Any clues?
  5. gbauto

    And You Wonder Why Change Isn't Happening

    Dear Gary, Thank you for contacting to express your support for efforts to legalize marijuana. I appreciate your thoughts on this issue. While I understand your arguments, I do not believe that legalizing marijuana would improve the illegal drug situation already facing our state and...
  6. N

    What's happening with my girl?

    Her leaves look as thpugh they are yellowing :(